Dinning Out

Happy Friday! Or as my mama says TGIF! I’m very excited it is the weekend and it is my favorite weekend of the summer. This is when I feel that summer is truly happening, the weekend I go to Utica to run the Boilermaker. This year though I am very apprehensive because I haven’t been running as much as I usually do, but I know the key is pace myself and listen to my body. It is just a fun activity so there is no need to go out and try to kill myself.

Monday when I was planning out the weeks meals I knew that I would have a date night on Wednesday with my ladies and then the boyfriend would take me out on Thursday because I wouldn’t be seeing him all weekend. So let’s start with Wednesday’s date first.

Around 2:00 that afternoon I got a text from my sister saying that she was in town and wanting to meet for dinner or drinks. Since I had already made dinner plans I agreed to drinks before I was suppose to meet my ladies. I just searched on google maps for a bar close to where I was going to be meeting them and came up with The Barracuda Tavern, normally any place with “tavern” in the name is a safe bet for a low key atmosphere. When I finally got there I had to go the bathroom so bad so I went right into the rest rooms, or as the sign said “mermaids”, and there were two very cool sings in the bathroom. I loved this quote on the first one, how true!

The second one made me giggle pretty hard when I read it.

After the bathroom break I went to the bar to get a drink while waiting for my sister. They had a lot of my company’s import brands in bottles there so I decided to try Leffe Blonde for the first time. I have to say it is a very strong beer for the light color it has. Hoppy, yet not to the point of an IPA where I can’t manage to swallow it.

The bartender there was amazing and took care of my sister and her two friends as well when they showed up. He was great to talk to and really took the time to talk to me while I was there by myself. Unlike some places that are always rushed it was a pleasant change of pace. He was great to the couple next to me too who were eating apps and drinking. I think I will have to come back here more, perhaps with some softball friends as they have 40’s in the cooler.

It came time for me to go to my dinner so I walked a few places over to Marliave and met the girls at our table. The first thing that caught my eye was the cute drink menu. I loved how unique it was, though we didn’t order anything off it as we are always wine drinkers at dinner.

We chose this place because it came recommended as a good place for a cheese plate. As you can probably tell from past date nights like this one and this one a good cheese plate is very important. Well this place had a cheese menu. I couldn’t believe how many there were to choose from, so we let our waitress choose five for us explaining what types we normally like and asking her not to include blue cheese.

When it came out it was so big they had to put it on two plates which were drizzled with honey and had a fig paste that reminded me of the middle of a Fig Newton. It also came with sliced breads, both white and cranberry walnut, to enjoy the fig and honey with.

Also ordered was a plate of prosciutto to go with the cheeses. I took two small slices but probably wouldn’t again, I’m not a huge fan unless it is cooked or in one of my great friends, Kaelyn, vodka sauce. It was very well presented though.

Our dinner finally came out and they were all covered with cloches and revealed to us at the same time. I thought it was a very cute touch.

Mia got the pan roasted chicken, I was lucky to snag a bite and the skin was so perfectly done. She described it perfectly when she said it tasted like a puff pastry.

Allie got the scallops with pea ravioli. The scallops looked perfectly cooked, and I love how they topped each scallop with a ravioli. I didn’t have a bite of hers because I’m not a huge pea fan.

Lastly, the second I saw the wild mushroom risotto I knew that is what I had to have. Especially after this date night! It was so fantastic, though I think could have used a touch more truffle oil added to it.

For dessert we were in a chocolate mood so we got the box of truffles which had the cutest presentation

and the chocolate cake, which by FAR stole the show for the dinner. I had been craving cake for a solid 48 hours at that point and this totally hit the spot. It also came with ice cream but I’m odd and can’t have my cake and ice cream touching so I asked them to put it in a separate bowl.

It was a fantastic dinner and I went home feeling like I couldn’t move I was so full. Such a great place to go, I would highly recommend it!

Last night was date night, I asked if the boyfriend wanted me to pick the place and he said that was fine. I picked a spot in East Boston that we tried to go to last time but the wait was 3 hours, but when he tried to make reservations we were told they only take them for parties of 6 or more, so he chose the place we were going to go to. It ended up being D’Amelio’s Off the Boat Seafood.

The place is a small place in East Boston with about 10 tables total with such a cute decor of a mural that makes you feel like you are on a porch looking out into the ocean. It is a self proclaimed seafood Italian restaurant and looking at the menu everything looked unique and tasty. The boyfriend wanted to start off with mussels and marinara sauce, though I was a bit skeptical as all the mussels I’ve had are in some sort of garlic broth.

It was so great though and I would absolutely eat these again. The best part was dipping the bread in the gravy at the end, almost like we were eating at a family dinner. For dinner he had the Penne Cantante, which was loaded with clams, scallops and a lobster tail and covered in a spicy garlic wine sauce. He really enjoyed it, though the one bite I took of it just was a tad too spicy for my liking.

I got the Seafood Alexia, but instead of fussili pasta I swapped out and got the pappardelle because I can never pass up the huge flat noodles. It was so fantastic. It had shrimp, scallops and lobster in it with a creamy garlic sauce. It was so delicious and the scallops were cooked to perfection. I’m not a shrimp fan though so I let the boyfriend have mine.

I’m so glad he found this place as I hope to bring friends and family to it another time. Like I said before   we really  need to find places around us that we haven’t been to. We are batting 2 for 2 with our picks, hopefully the next one will live up to the others!

Have a great weekend!

What do you look for when you choose a spot to dine at?
I normally look for uniqueness and family run when possible. A place that is off the beaten path so it isn’t a tourist trap that takes pride in the food or drinks they serve.  


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