Weekend Recaps

July 4th and Weekend Recap

Good morning! I’m almost all caught up with my posts, so I’ll combine the Fourth of July and the weekend recap into one today to get the process moving along! Like I stated earlier the fourth was an oppressive heat wave where I was hot the whole day. This made me a tad cranky as I couldn’t cool down and I kept getting headaches. The boyfriend even made a comment that he was sweating while sitting in the pool. I tried to stay festive though with some fun nails!


After the day at his cousins house we went back home and hung out in the AC for awhile while waiting for the fireworks. We were going to watch them on his roof, but once we got up there we realized that the roof deck had started to slant a lot more since the last time he was up there. Falling three stories wasn’t my idea of fun so we headed on down to the harbor to see if we could see them. We got there 30 minutes early which was a tad too soon as it was still so hot and we were just standing around, though the city looked beautiful.

Halfway though all the smoke from the fireworks was billowing out and covering them so we couldn’t see, so we walked home. Either way I would rather not be in the same place next year, perhaps find somewhere cooler and not so industrial! We did have fun with some sparklers though!

The boyfriend trying to light the house on fire
me trying to outdo that

Burning the evidence

The next day after work he and I headed up to his families place in Bartlett, NH. The drive up is very pretty and I was excited to see this place he has talked about so much. Before we went to the house though we stopped at the outlets to get new running shoes for me. Reebok was having a buy one get one free on a lot of their shoes and the ones I wanted had that deal so I ended up getting two pairs of shoes for the price of one!

Source here
The first one is the one I have been running in, it is the Reebok ZigQuickfire and the second one is the Smoothflex Cush Run. I haven’t even tried the second one yet as the first one is so comfortable. I even did 6 miles in them on Monday and have had zero issues. Yes, these are the exact colors I got as well. 
After the quick stop we arrived at the house and it was fantastic, nestled in the woods with tons of bedrooms and an outdoor porch to eat on. Then we headed out to the bar so he could see his friends up there. Everyone was very nice, but it was a tad overwhelming to say the least. The bar was packed and everyone knew him. Luckily I found someone to talk to for awhile so he could go and mingle. It reminded me a lot of growing up in VT. 
The second day started off bright and early around 6:30 with a run. I knew I was in a foul mood, so when the boyfriend was starting to aggravate me I just put on my running clothes and headed on out. After 2.5 miles on hills I felt a million times better. I even laughed when I saw this sign.
 I then went back and got the family dog and took him on the loop, so I ended up doing 5 miles that day. By the time it was over I felt more myself again. 
I was dying for starbucks, so the boyfriend agreed to head 20 minutes out of our way to get some. 
We then went to the river and was jumping off rocks into the freezing stream. It took me a little while to get up the courage and I only needed one jump to cool down. After that we went and got lunch at the bar we were at the night before only when we walked in there was no one there. I got a turkey sandwich and it was phenomenal, perhaps one of the better turkey sandwiches I’ve had in awhile. Filled up we headed back to the house to meet his friends in the pool. 
The low key atmosphere of meeting everyone the second time while we were all just hanging out was much more my speed and I was able to feel a lot more comfortable. Since I got up so early though around 4 I headed back to shower and take a quick nap. The 30 minutes I slept really made a difference and I was able to bounce back and hang out for the rest of the night. Good thing too since it was his friends birthday and I offered to be the driver. 
Sunday we were up and back home so I could go to my softball game. I was a little nervous heading to the game, but once we started playing I started to have fun again. I missed hanging out with all my friends and then going to the bar after and I’m really looking forward to another summer of doing it. I have to be more responsible now though since I have a longer drive to get home than when I was staying at my apartment. 
To end the weekend I came home to a bunch of my pictures put up around the boyfriends apartment. It was the sweetest thing and when I saw a huge one of my dad and myself I started to get a little teary. It was a fantastic way to end a long weekend. 
Has someone every done a gesture that is so unexpected it makes you cry?

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