Montreal Day 4

Sadly the trip to Montreal was over last Monday morning, so this is the last post I have of the vacation. Though I now have tons of back posts to put up, true to what I have said before, there is nothing more important than the bonds I have with the women in my life. They pick me up when I am falling, they keep me in line when I seem to stray and they are the biggest cheerleaders I could ever hope for. That being said, Monday morning I was so ready to go home and see my men that by the time I walked in a 6 I almost flew into the boyfriends arms.

Monday started out with my last run through the city. I knew I had to find Club Super Sex because it is the most joked about thing when I talk to people about Montreal. I have been there, and it is decent, a lot better than some others that I have been to that is for sure. So I found it, and was giggling after I took the picture

So much so that I didn’t notice a pot hole in the sidewalk and fell into it while turning my ankle a little. It was going to be a face plant on the sidewalk when all of a sudden I was caught by a guy that was walking the other way towards me. When he asked if I was hurt my only response was “just my pride”. I’m lucky he was there as I would have road rash across my face right now I think.

I kept running though and came across the coolest statue a little ways up the road. They are all pointing at something…I just cannot tell what it is. Perhaps nothing and it is a “made ya look” scenario.

Turning the corner I saw this sign. “Ha” is what I thought to myself. You can have the street sign but you can’t have the cup!

Then I passed the Ritz Carlton where they had these fantastic hanging lanterns outside. I loved the way they looked in contrast to the white of the windows. I also loved the color scheme they had for their outside furniture, I think I’m going to steal it!

As I was heading back to the hotel I passed by this beautiful building, I wanted to go inside and check out the ceiling but time didn’t permit it, nor did  I know if that was actually possible. I love dome roofs, hopefully one day I can make my way back to Europe to see the art on them.

I took a different route home and it took me right by the Starbucks, since I am an addict I went inside to see if they took the phone app payment and they did! I was the happiest runner ever power walking back to the hotel with my drink.

After we all showered and checked out of the room we went to the Cafe at the base of our hotel for breakfast. I ordered an egg wrap that had bacon, spinach, tomatoes, and pesto mayonnaise.

The girls weren’t impressed with their breakfast, but I thought mine was pretty fantastic.

We then headed to the airport to drop Jeffiner off and then back on the road to home. I was in no mood to cook or have the boyfriend cook as I just wanted to sit as close as possible to him so I suggested we go to Chipolte to get dinner. True to me not finding my grove there I ordered something a tad new, a burrito bowl, and can say I think we have a winner. No bad wrap job, no bite that is purely guacamole, no falling out rice this thing was phenomenal! Plus I saved the calories by not getting it in the tortilla!

Tomorrow we will be back to our regular posts. Happy Tuesday all!!

Are you a picky eater?
I use to claim I wasn’t and I would eat anything, but I have my little weird quirks, for example I won’t eat melted cheddar but I’ll eat cold cheddar. The one that stumps most people is I won’t eat potatoes or fries that have potato like qualities like steak fries but love shoe string and mashed potatoes. 


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