G.N.O., Weekend Recaps

Montréal Botanical Garden

Day three of Montreal was spent at the Botanical Garden like previously mentioned. During the time there the Mosaïcultures internationales was there for the first time after being gone for ten years. It opened on the 22nd of June so after just barely a week open, this place was BUSY! There was a very long line to purchase tickets, but shockingly once you got it the place was so large you didn’t feel cramped. The great part was everyone was so good about waiting for pictures to be taken too, so you got some great shots.

We didn’t want to wait in the line so we decided that it would thin out around lunch time, while we waited we went into one of the free exhibits which was called the Courtyard of the Senses. This is where you could touch the plants, smell the plants and in even some cases pick up the plants. There were signs on each telling you what to do, my favorite were the ones that said rub the plant and smell your hand. It was so cool to see what smell the green leaf would omit.

Around lunch time we headed back over to stand in line for tickets, and true to what the girls were thinking it had thinned out a lot. 

Of course it took me forever to get to the line because I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Once we got into the exhibits though it was such a good time. We saw so much and the artwork was fantastic (is it called artwork when it is done with plants?) that it made the day fly by! These aren’t in order by what I saw, just how they came off the camera. Each exhibit was done by a different country and had a different theme. 
The first three are The Insects’ Garden from Province of Hainaut,  Belgium. I made fun of the boyfriend who is terrified of bees and sent him a picture of the bees and the bee keeper. 

The next three are the Man Who Planted a Tree by Montreal, Canada. The horses looked so lifelike! 

 This one was a stork in the exhibit The Water Source of Life by Assomption, Canada

 Perhaps the cutest were the Lemurs from Madagascar!

 The Bird Tree by Montreal, Canada. There were the cutest baby ducks in this exhibit too just swimming around and diving for food. Or as WHO said “taking diving practice”

 Nature in the City also by Montreal, Canada.

 Practically family by Republic of Guinea. These looked so lifelike! They actually had real banana trees planted as well.

 Hands Up by  Malaysia. I wanted to touch him so bad, he looked so soft!

 The next two were Mother Earth by Montreal, Canada. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture or not, but she was enormous!

 Boars of Sally Island by England and then the man in the tree was Spirit in the Wood by Montreal, Canada

I believe this one was Hamamatsu, City of Creativity: Looking Toward the Future Through a Symbiosis of Man and Nature by Hamamatsu, Japan. It was a turtle coming out of a piano. Pretty cool!

Fragile Frogs by Atlanta, USA
Of course on the way out I was still taking pictures! 


Such a beautiful exhibit, though my attention span started to wane, I did much better than I do in museums! 
I don’t know if people dedicate blog posts or not, but this one is for my mama. She adores museums and she adores flowers, so I think she would be 100% in her element in a place like this. 

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