G.N.O., Weekend Recaps

Montreal Day 3

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July! The one word to describe mine was hot, I couldn’t cool down for the life of me. I think next year I really just need to leave the city. The previous year I spent it on the beach in Maine and that is perhaps one of my favorite Fourths in awhile, though it was hot there as well I didn’t feel the city heat trying to kill me all day. I did get to spend this one with the boyfriend though so that made up for it slightly. Our first holiday together! Let’s get back to Montreal though!!

Day three I woke up to go for a run and the second my feet hit the floor I knew I was going to have to take the day off from running or else I wasn’t going to make it. So I went and laid back in bed for a little bit before I got up to shower and head out with the girls. The agenda for the day was breakfast and then go see the botanical gardens. Jeff and WHO both wanted chocolate crepes so we walked to Chinatown where WHO read there was a great bakery. True to our weekend in Montreal, we couldn’t find the place so we kept on walking until we found a cafe, I was smart this day and wore sneakers though so my feet were fine and I didn’t feel like I wanted to die. I cannot eat sweet for breakfast, so I got an egg sandwich. I was super bummed when I found out that they didn’t have American cheese just cheddar but then was explained that the cheddar listed was actually like American so I tried it. I was please, if it would have been cheddar I couldn’t have ate it.


After breakfast we caught a cab and headed off to the gardens. Post on the gardens will come later, too many pictures for one post!

It was so beautiful but at the end of it I was so hot and starting to get cranky again. (Side note: I’ve noticed I get very cranky when I’m hungry, boyfriend probably could have told you this though :D) so we stopped off for an ice cream.

Then we went and found the metro station to head back to the city.

For some reason I thought we were going back to the hotel, but really were were going to get fries, and that turned into another walking adventure. At this point I almost lost it, I think I need to work up to a full day of walking before I go on a vacation with these ladies again because I felt like I almost couldn’t keep up at points. We finally found a fries place after walking around for awhile.

Though they were good, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I don’t think I’ll need to ever try them again. Due to the massive amounts of gravy that are put on them all the combinations of fries tasted the same, it reminded me of Thanksgiving.

Finally heading back to our hotel we stopped by a wine store to get a few bottles for the room. Back at the hotel Loo pointed out that there was a piece of the Berlin Wall in our lobby, I found this very cool!

Relaxing and just hanging out in sweatpants we cracked open the first bottle, it was perhaps the most purple wine I have ever seen and it was a fantastic Malbec. After my second glass my legs and feet finally stopped hurting and I felt a million times better.

We then headed out for dinner at Pullman.  This is a Tapas bar and the chandelier they had made up of all cocktail and wine glasses was so cool!

Dinner started off with another bottle of red and a cheers to our last night in the city.

Then the utensils for the meal were brought out, I loved the little seafood fork!

Course one was a raw bar, where everything was so fresh and perfect. I dove for the lobster claw the second I could, my friends didn’t mind though as they each had their eye set on something else.

Second course was eggplant bruschetta, which is possibly my favorite thing we ate that night

With fried calamari with an herb aioli

And goat cheese with sliced baguettes.

The third and final course was gnocchi which was fantastic, sadly the sauce tasted like Prego and really ruined the dish

Venison tartar which was out of this world. It was my first time trying venison and I loved it!

And port grilled cheese.

Followed by a few more glasses of wine

Then we headed back to the hotel for dessert. Though both were good the chocolate cake stole the show! It was actually a mousse with a cookie crumble bottom. Luckily we had two of those.

The cheese cake was decent, but couldn’t hold a candle to the chocolate.

After a long day of eating, drinking and walking we all retired to bed. It was a perfect ending to our nights out!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend or a continued weekend! Two more Montreal posts to go and we shall be all caught up. I’m headed up to NH for the weekend with the boyfriend so hopefully some good pictures to come of that!


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