G.N.O., Weekend Recaps

Montreal Day 2

Day One of Montreal was fantastic and I was so happy to be with my ladies. I read on a blog right before I left for Montreal that the girl always gets up and goes for an early morning run before everyone gets up so she can explore the city while it isn’t crowded. This seemed like a fantastic idea to me since I hadn’t been in the port area of Montreal before, so the first morning I woke up nice and early and headed out for a run. I had no clue where I was going but less than a mile in I found the entrance to Jazz Fest.

They were setting up and it looked like it was a pretty big deal, and I was lucky I got to run through before the gates closed and was for ticket holders only.

There was also a fantastic water fountain which was a lifesaver after having a few drinks the night before, I was very dehydrated on the run.

I then took a turn when I heard seagulls, hoping they would lead me to the waterfront that I was at last night. First it lead me through Montreal’s Chinatown.

Then past Notre-Dame Basilica where they do a light show. I wasn’t interested while I was there, but reading about it online now I think I really would have enjoyed it. 

Finally I saw the hill to the waterfront and jogged down to take in the early morning port. I could see the biodome when I first came down and thought that was so cool.

And I had the whole place to myself

There was a bridge that looked slightly like the Tobin Bridge which made me miss home a little bit too.

Finally I had run for around 45 min and decided it was time to go in and shower so everyone could get their day started. We all were starving so we walked to a diner we had seen the day before called Le Gros Jambon Diner, being girls raised on eating at diners we all went in and were pleasantly surprised to find a retro diner. The signs were all old

They had license plates dating back to the 50’s which was so cool to look at and see who could find the oldest.

And when the food finally came out it was perhaps the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had. I ate every last bite.

The girls then wanted to go to Starbucks to go on the internet. I was ok with not being on it though so I decided to walk around and look for a gift for the boyfriend as well as go to a shop I had seen the night before to get  a scarf that was in the window. Once they were done in Starbucks we all headed back to the hotel to drop off stuff and head out for the day. We passed the love sign again only this time a Ferrari and a Bentley were parked out in front. Then this guy pulls up and starts blowing huge bubbles which end up hitting the cars. I found this VERY amusing, I’m sure the owners when they came out to bubble spots did not though.

Though we had just eaten breakfast an hour ago, we thought a long walk into town to get sushi for lunch sounded fantastic so we headed off. I really wish I had worn my sneakers and not my flip flops as about halfway through I got the worst foot pains (I know mom I know) and about an hour into the walk Jeffiner commented how funny it would be if the place was closed when we got there. Well low-and-behold when we finally found the restaurant, after getting slightly lost, it was closed. At that point all you could do was laugh, I swear I was doing it in my head. Turned out for the best though because we all decided we needed drinks right then so we walked a block back to Dieu du Ciel! Where we all got a beer (I actually got a Cidre)

Liz was trying to say out of the photo while giving WHO an annoyed look

True to myself when I go out with girlfriends, I asked if we could start with the cheese plate. This one was as fantastic as I’ve had in the states, I liked all but the blue cheese. It was just a little too sharp and I couldn’t take the aftertaste. The others were so good though I couldn’t stop eating them.

Then I got a sandwich which was just a grilled chicken breast with fresh vegetables but it was exactly what I wanted and the aioli was so good I wish I could find something like that around home.

I was still dead from walking around all afternoon though so I was very excited when it was time for our massages that we had booked. They were at Scandinave Spa and I swear the second I put on the robe and went into the silent area to wait for my masseuse I could feel the tension start to ease off. After the full hour of a Swedish Massage I felt like a pool of relaxed muscle. We had enough time to get ready quickly after the massage and head out for sushi, because one way or another we were going to eat it.

We ended up going to Tri Express and although the menu was fully in french and they take cash only it was fantastic. Probably some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. The place was very small so you would need a reservation and it has such unique things inside, like this old vintage Budweiser sign that spun

Or the decorated bottles the water came out in.

The real winner was the food though! My mouth is watering just looking at the picture. They boyfriend always claims he can’t get full on sushi, but after eating every last bite I could hardly move.

We then made our way to a wine bar where I had a few glasses first of Beaujolais and then of Riojas.

The decor was also fantastic as it was all rustic with extension cords acting as the light fixtures.

After a long day though we made our way back to the hotel around midnight and I passed out. I was truly worn out at that point.

Do you like massages?
I adore them and am always asking the boyfriend to rub my back. I am trying to find a place in Boston though that gives good ones at a reasonable price. 


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