G.N.O., Weekend Recaps

Montreal Day 1

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Monday, I know I sure did. As I mentioned before I took a trip with my girlfriends to celebrate our 30th birthdays and it was a fantastic time. It is good to know that we can still hang out for a whole weekend together no matter how different our lives are now from back in high school. I am very happy to be home though, I missed my boys a ton and couldn’t wait to see them last night. Let’s rewind to Friday though.

Started off early with a trip to the Dr.s to get a checkup and some blood taken. Nothing is wrong but the insurance required it so I had to go. Then I quick jump over to Starbucks and I picked up WHO. We then headed up to get our other friend Loo who is staying at a monastery. I got out of the car and some geese started chasing me, so needless to say I was happy when she got in and we got on the road. We headed on up and only got stuck crossing the boarder. We chose a line that was much slower than the rest and it was because the customs agent was a little chatty. She gave me a hard time about the Bruins plates I have on my car, but what can you expect from a Montreal fan ;P. We arrived and headed up to the rooms, a few minutes later the fourth, Jeffiner, arrived and we started our girls weekend.

We were all hungry and anxious to get out and explore so after a quick shower and change we headed out to find food and fun. I saw this about a block into our walk and thought it was a great sign to capture how I was feeling to be with my girls again.

 Jeff and WHO decided to have a quick chat with the locals

Then we moved on to some great cobble stone streets that were closed off to cars. Tons of shops lined the streets almost like a small seaport town.

Less than 30 minutes into our walk we found a crepe place that was so cool. It was all outdoor seating, but they had huge canopy umbrellas that kept all the elements out.

Plus millions of flowers surrounding the place so you felt like you were on someones back deck.

We started off with a goat cheese tart. Though it didn’t taste as much like goat cheese as it did a brie, I found it fantastic and loved the red sauce that was on the plate. If I could cover pasta in that sauce I would be in heaven.

I ordered a mushroom and cheese crepe and have to say I think I had the best one. It was stuffed full with mushrooms and a mixture of multiple cheeses. Two other girls got chicken in theirs and one got an apple bacon one. I wasn’t even interested in trying theirs when I saw mine. Couple that with a few pitchers of Sangria and we were happy ladies!

After slowly making our way out of the restaurant we walked through the old port part of the city where there were great shops set up on the sides

As well as restaurants with tons of outdoor seating.

We went down to the water to see some ships, I took a photo of boats I wouldn’t mind having 🙂

Then headed to the W to get some more drinks.

I plopped down in this cool chair which despite it’s look was actually really comfortable

And had a fantastic Gin drink. Loo also go the same thing but wasn’t feeling it as much as I was so I decided to have the rest of hers too. I don’t think she minded.

After a long day driving and a few drinks we were all ready to head back to the hotel. Loo had been up the longest so she passed out while the rest of us sat around with some champagne and snacks and caught up even more. It was a perfect first day!


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