Date Night

Last week while I was planning dinner menus the boyfriend told me that the night before I went to Montreal with my girlfriends he wanted to take me out to dinner for a date night. So Thursday night we decided to stay in the neighborhood and go to one of the Mexican restaurants around us. He had raved about it, and though I always mix it up with another restaurant that serves Italian, we finally decided since they had an opening we would go.

If you were walking down the street you might miss Angela’s Cafe as it is a small hole in the wall, but that would be unfortunate because the food here is as authentic as I have had on the east coast. The inside is very modest with less than ten tables to eat at, yet the wall has a pretty famous signature on it. Last fall Dinners, Drive-In’s and Dives stopped by and the episode aired in March. I can’t find any copy of the video online, but I can see why he stopped by!

We started off dinner with margaritas, which were delicious but half way through drinking mine I realized it was a tad strong and I was starting to feel it in my head.

Good thing I asked if we could get cheese dip for the chips to take the edge off the alcohol. Yet when I ordered it I was expecting a creamy Velveeta dip to come out like most places, but due to the place being so authentic when the queso fundido came out it was nothing like I was picturing!

It was simply melted mozzarella with jalapenos and chorizo and so delicious. For dinner I got Chiles Rellenos which was a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and then dipped in an egg batter and lightly fried. It was so light and delicious and went perfectly with the rice that came on the side. I also ordered guacamole and it was by far the best I’ve ever had. I unfortunately went to town on it and forgot to get the picture.

The boyfriend got Enchiladas de Mole Poblano and it was so cute to hear him try and say it. Though I give him credit, people normally just point and say “I’ll have that”. The enchilada was with chicken and the chocolate of the mole poblano in contrast to the white cotija cheese that was on top was so pretty. At that point I had fully dug into mine and the margarita had gone to my head so I didn’t manage to get a picture.

If you are in the East Boston area I would highly recommend checking this place out. Call ahead because you will probably need a reservation due to the small size of the dinning area. The boy made the comment that we need to eat out in the area more, we have so many great options and normally just get take out from the same spots. I would agree!

Do you live in an area with good spots to eat?
I’m lucky to live in a city that has any type of food you could possibly imagine. From Afghan food to Zen 320


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