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Sweet & Spicy Pork Chops

I learned a very important lesson yesterday, overnight oat are not over weekend oats! I went to open my breakfast yesterday morning, not too hot on eating oats in the first place and was greeted with a pretty bad taste and an even worse texture. So those went in the garbage and I ended up having some cherries and some almonds that I had in my desk.

It wasn’t enough though because by the time lunch rolled around I was starving! For lunch I brought in an Amy’s Bowl, I use to eat these when I was at Ocean Spray so I thought why not give them a go again.

The taste was very good but it was still a frozen meal and I would much rather leftovers or making something the night before. Sadly there was nothing left from the calzone night that I wanted so it was a freezer meal. It did the job and I was satisfied for the rest of the day. I then headed off to the gym where I did a quick 30 minute warm up on the elliptical. For some reason I couldn’t find a program that really got me sweating, but I also didn’t try to do it myself because I was too busy playing games on my phone. The blood got moving though and that was all I really needed so I could jump into a strength circuit. For the circuit I combined all body groups to get an all over workout. I don’t know when I’ll be going to the gym again since the rest of the week is crazy and then I’m on vacation. I call it the ABCD workout because it gets the Arms, Back, Core and Derriere.

I had a pretty good mix going too which kept me motivated, along with the constant switching of exercises this workout flew by.

By the time I made it home I was starving, so I quickly whipped up a marinate for the pork based off something I found on Pintrest but with my own little twist. I was a little nervous but thought the worse case was we just put some barbecue sauce on it and cover the taste. While the boyfriend was grilling the meat I made us some couscous and some corn. I also loaded my plate with salad, that way I didn’t eat as much pork and couscous.

The meat turned out fabulous, the boyfriend did a stellar job grilling it and the marinate was really good too. The best part was it used stuff that I already had in the pantry.

I save soy sauce packets from Chinese Takeout and Sushi and haven’t bought soy sauce in over 4 years! 

We had a winner!

Sweet & Spicy Pork Chops

  • 1 LB of Pork Chops
  • 6 TB of Honey
  • 5 TB of Soy Sauce
  • 2 TB of Gourmet Garden Garlic
  • 1 TB of Crushed Red Pepper

Combine all ingredients except the pork chops in a bowl and whisk together until completely blended. Once they are incorporated add pork for about 10 minutes before cooking. While grilling the chops brush on additional marinate.

What are you go to premade meals?
Normally I will go for soups or Amy’s frozen meals. I am not a fan of the Lean Cuisine meals or the Smart Ones. In all fairness though I haven’t had them in about 3 years.