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Where She Went

So today started out wonderful…just kidding!! Everything was fine until I went to get my scarf to complete my outfit. On top of all of them I found the sweaty hat that the boyfriend runs in. So all my scarves were smelling reaaaalll nice. I doused it in perfume but while I was doing that I put my phone down and forgot to bring it with me. I realized this when I was trying to get to the highway and there were tons of roads closed. There were detour signs that just stopped after the first turn, which is about as helpful as snow pants in the summer. I finally thought I found the turn but was very wrong when I ended up going the other way back into Boston, and traffic was at a standstill. I finally managed to get over the bridge, pull an illegal turn and get back on the highway and head off to work. I’m shocked I was only 30 minutes later than normal. 
That being said I have zero pictures today to share with you guys since my phone is sitting in the bathroom right now. So tomorrow you can see all of yesterday’s stuff. Luckily I have been reading like a maniac so I have a few book reviews for a rainy day! 
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Where She Went

By: Gayle Foreman

This book is the sequal to the book “If I Stay” which I read about a month ago. Based off the ending of the previous book I really didn’t know what to expect with this book. I started reading it and for a few pages I didn’t even know which character I was seeing the story though until there is a mention of putting on boxers and then I realized it had to be Mia’s boyfriend Adam. The story then unfolds as we see what life is like for Adam three years after the accident.

The book is so painful as we remember Adam being a kid just out of high school having to deal with the monumental task of having a girlfriend in the ICU yet still being able to hold it together. Three years down the road with Mia not in his life he no longer is able to hold it together. The band that he is in has shot to the top of the charts due to his dark lyrics to songs based off the experience of losing Mia, yet he isn’t shining in the spotlight. Instead he has started smoking and popping pills while talking to himself in his head.

Every morning he gets up and tells himself that he only has to make it through the day and that it is just one day and he did it yesterday. He has a new famous girlfriend who is an actress who he never sees and doesn’t love, but is more of a burden because the paparazzi are constantly trying to get into his personal life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to never have lost a human so close to me, but a few years ago I lost my first pet. I’ve had family pets before but this was my first one as an adult and to say I loved him is a HUGE understatement. I remember not being able to be myself for a month or so after it happen, it was like the earth suddenly shifted and I was knocked off balance. I had nothing to come home to anymore so the point of going home wasn’t there. I would find myself out late with friends or going on dates that I didn’t want to be on just so I didn’t have to face an empty house.

The only thing that can make a loss, like the one Adam faced, alright is time. There is nothing that can fill the void of another human or animal besides time. Three years later though he is still trying to fill the void and not understanding why nothing makes him happy anymore, when the reason is he simply hasn’t let go. The book then follows him on his journey of letting Mia go and (semi spoiler) in the end he is finally able to do this.

Again in this book Gayle only chooses to develop one character and everyone else is sort of lumped in around them as foggy characters solely there to shed more light on the main character, Adam. This was a very fast read, I started the book on Sunday morning and by Sunday night I was done reading it. If you liked the first book I highly recommend picking this one up.

How do you deal with loss?
I normally try to be mega outgoing and just try to escape for awhile by being insanely busy. In the end it all catches up though and I’m so tired I sleep for about 24 hours straight. 


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