Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Hey! Long time, no talk, how are you guys?! Sorry I’ve been MIA these past few days, but after all day meetings in St. Louis the last thing on my mind was turning on the computer in the hotel room. Most nights after dinner I would go to bed, I think I’m getting a tad old! The trip is over though and I made it back to Boston Friday night around 9. I took a cab directly to the boyfriends house where both he and little kitty were happy that the trip was over.

We quickly made dinner, and watched some TV yet I didn’t make it long into the TV watching as I fell sound asleep on the boyfriend. That was fine though because the next morning I got up and went to spin class with WHO bright and early. After not working out for the week it really kicked my butt, but after it was done I felt like I could tackle the day. I mean with this name on your coffee cup how can you not feel that way (that was also an idea from WHO)

After the gym I came home and the boyfriend had made me breakfast!

I then showered quickly and headed over to my apartment for a few hours to get the mail and go through some of my stuff. Not too exciting but it needed to be done and I got a lot of major stuff sorted through which was nice. I then went back to the boyfriends and we got ready to go out for the night with one of his friends to watch the game and have a few drinks.

I felt bad because halfway through my second drink I got EXTREMELY tired and all I wanted to do was fall asleep. I couldn’t stop yawning and I had to stop drinking for fear of just passing out from exhaustion at the table. I know the boyfriend really wanted to hang out with his friend though so I tired to suck it up as much as possible, but I think he knew because after the game we went home and I think he wanted to stay out longer.

Sunday was by far my favorite day of the weekend though! I got up and got my toes done for the trip I’m taking with my ladies to Montreal on Friday and then we went over to his moms house to hang out at the pool and do a cookout. I got to meet even more of the family (seriously his family is HUGE) and had a blast. I was suppose to go to softball practice, but when it is 90 degrees out there is no ripping me away from the water to go and stand in a hot field pitching softballs.

Around 5 we decided to leave and made a quick stop at Home Depot so I could get something to tie up the rose bush, it’s gone a little wild and was starting to get in the sunlight of my lilies that are coming up. (picture to come later this week) Then he offered to go to Whole Foods with me to do the weeks shopping. Boyfriend of the year award coming soon.  After getting home and getting the roses situated I went in and made lunch for the week and then watched True Blood. We were so full from the cookout we didn’t even want dinner, he just had some snacks and I had some cereal.

You know you have had a good weekend when you pass out before 11 on a Sunday night! I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

How do you keep pests out of your garden?
I’ve had something keep coming in and pooping on top of the mulch. I thought it was a cat but cats at least bury their poop, whatever it is just poops right on top and drives me crazy, I don’t want my garden to be a commode for this thing!! 


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