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Death by PowerPoint

Good Evening to you in the central time zone and good morning to you on the east coast. What a crazy few days it has been in St. Louis for me! Let’s start back on Monday where I had to drop off my little kitten with my good friend and her fiance. I always love when they can watch Tucker because I know he will be super cared for and they will play with him constantly, but that still doesn’t make it any easier to say good-bye to him. After that I went into the office for a few hours and then went back to the house to get my suitcase and head to the airport. Luckily Southwest has a great policy that if the flight is delayed they give you a call because around 12 I got a call that the flight wouldn’t be going out until 5:30 instead of the 2:10 time slot. So instead of going to the airport and sitting there I was able to go and get lunch and relax a little at my home instead of the airport.

I went to get lunch at Bob’s in Medford and you know it is a good sign when there is a huge line for ordering and a longer line for takeout.

For some reason I was craving a Turkey sandwich so I got a small with cheese, onion, lettuce and mayo and was so please with it. They put tons of meat on the sandwich and the smalls were huge.

 I also got waffle cut fries made by Cape Cod and they were fantastic as well, it was like a mix between a ruffle and a Cape Cod regular. So great!

I finally made my way to the airport, but we were still delayed even longer when it started to pour and lightening. I was in a horrible mood at that point and massively PMSing. I’m not a B!tch when I PMS I am more of a crier, so when I was reading a part in The Tao of Martha I lost it and burst into tears. Luckily my good friend and fantastic photographer  picked up on the first ring and talked me off the edge. I was ready to be in bed though and by the time we finally made it (12:00 eastern time) to the hotel I was done.

Yesterday and today were all PowerPoints all day. It has been a great learning experience so far and I feel really lucky to work in a company that has such smart and talented people steering the ship. Some of the stuff they are presenting to us really blows my mind. It is all the stuff I learned in business school, yet never thought I would use again because my previous company didn’t value analytics as much as this company does.

They have also been supplying us with some fantastic food. I start off every morning with some fruit, a water, some coffee and a diet Mt. Dew. This morning I also had a biscuit and yesterday morning I had some toast with jelly.

There is also great snacks like trail mix and goldfish which I haven’t been able to resist

As well as some desserts that are to die for. I only got a shot of the brownie but in the past two days I have had a lemon square, cheese cake, peanut butter cookies and this chocolate raspberry brownie.

Lunches have been great as well but I fear I am gaining so much weight with all this temptation and me being just too beat to get up early to get to the gym and then after work obligations that seem to go on until 12:00 at night. I know with a few days back into my routine I’ll be fine, I just wish I had more willpower to stay away from all the sweets and goodies.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

How do you stay healthy when you travel?
Most of the time I exercise and walk around a lot while site seeing. I just started with my new job traveling,  my previous job I didn’t travel at all. Sometimes I just get up early in the morning and sometimes I manage to not eat a lot of junk food. Most of the time I realize I don’t travel a lot so a week off the healthy train isn’t going to kill me in the long run, so I don’t stress myself out. 


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