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Weekend Recap

There is a reason I showed up to work today uber tired, it is because this weekend was adventure packed, and it just flew by! The next thing I knew it was Sunday night and I was packing for a week in St. Louis. So let’s rewind to Friday. Friday was free bagel Friday at work and I took advantage of it because I knew I would be burning off some serious calories later that night.

After work the boyfriend and I went to dinner early at a place called The Brown Jug, where we got pizza and mac and cheese bites.

The mac and cheese bites were fantastic, I mean what is not to love about fried mac and cheese, and the pizza was pretty good as well. I got my half with goat cheese and meatballs and the boyfriend got his with pepperoni.

After the quick dinner we went back home and tried to sleep for a few hours before our wakeup call at 11 that night. Why were we going to wake up at 11 at night? Well every year I try to climb Mt. Mondanock  during the night with a group of friends and then watch the sun rise at the top. It is so beautiful and such a great time spent outside with all your friends. The hike started out around 2 a.m. when we all got to the mountain and got our equipment on. For the first part of the hike three of us girls were lagging behind, we then realized that we were the three that were carrying the bottles of champagne and thought that had something to do with it. 😀 Once it started to get to the rock faces though we all were going around the same speed. It was a nice climb and we all made it to the top in less than two hours where we relaxed a little bit before the sun started coming up.

Top of the mountain! 

Slight glow of the sun coming
WHO being a goof
and again 🙂

The Boy and I
Early morning kisses

There is no way to describe how awesome it is to see the sun come up. Slowly it breaks over the horizon and then speeds up as it starts to climb into the sky. The temperature instantly goes from freezing to slightly warm and what once was just shadows on the valley are now full details of houses, lakes and rivers.

My friend and his two dogs. The puppies had a blast! 

Since we were all tired the second the sun made it into the sky we headed back down the mountain and back home to pass out. When the boyfriend and I woke up five hours later we were famished so we went over to Chipolte. I got what I usually get only this time I asked the boyfriend if I should get some chicken it it. He said he really liked the chicken and not the steak so I took his word and got it, and I’m not upset at all. It added a great flavor and wasn’t gross at all. What was gross was the way the burrito was made and I ended up just dumping the stuff on a plate and eating it that way. The guy was literally the worst who made it. 

We then showered and went to Man of Steel  for a date night, I kind of hijacked the last date night by inviting my friends so I told him I would do a makeup for it. He didn’t care because he liked my friends, but was perfectly happy going opening weekend to the movie. I liked the movie, I didn’t love the movie, but all the guys that have seen it say it is amazing. I guess I was more hoping for a movie like Dark Night because of the way it was built up, but I don’t think anything can come close to that.

After the movie we started to watch the Bruins game, but I was so tired I fell asleep before the end of the overtime. Which was fine because Sunday was a big day again! Not only was it my best friends birthday and fathers day but it was also the day I was going sky diving for the first time. I wish I could say I was scared out of my mind but I don’t know if my brain just wasn’t processing it or I didn’t want to be the girl who was screaming so I wasn’t scared at all. Even when we were at this point,


I was just nonchalant thinking ok time to jump now. I don’t know if I would do it again, it was a ton of fun and I had a blast, but it wasn’t the rush I was hoping for. Perhaps years of skiing as fast as possible has made me slightly immune to adrenaline rushes?

Back at home I wanted to go and get my nails done, but they closed at 5 so I just missed it. I tried to do something a little fancy though myself, didn’t come out half that bad. I need something to make more uniform dots with though.

Later that night I went with the boyfriend to CVS where I found these.

I don’t know if heaven exists, but if it does these will sure be in all the candy dishes!

It was a fantastic weekend, too bad this morning I had to kiss my little man goodbye for the week as I head out to St. Louis. I didn’t cry like I have in the past but I’m just counting down the days until Friday so I can hug the little guy again.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

What is on your bucket list to do?
Now that skydiving is knocked off I think the next two are Costa Rica and Ireland for me. 


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