3rd Overtime?!

Holy moley am I tired today! It is all the Bruins fault, as I had to stay up to watch overtime, and by the time the second one was over I couldn’t go to bed. Who goes to bed when a game goes into the third overtime?! I’m sure paying for it today though as I needed a huge Starbucks to wake me up.

Yesterday started out with an early morning doctors appointment for a follow-up from this appointment. I think that their height machine is a little off though because apparently I grew again. I’m now 5’5″, which I’ve never been in my life. I also think most of my friends are 5’5″ and I’m shorten than they are, so that would lead me to believe that perhaps I’m still 5’3″ and the nurse just isn’t the best at taking someone’s height. Everything went well though and at this point I finally have no more follow-ups for any doctor. Such a great feeling and I’m sure my wallet will be happy with that as well.

I didn’t eat breakfast though because I was hoping they could take my blood for some health care tests I need to take, unfortunately though they couldn’t and by the time I got to work I was starving. Luckily  had emergency snack almonds in my desk to hold me over until lunch.

The day just seemed to be dragging on for me yesterday and by the time it reached 5:00 I was packed and ready to go. I got back to the apt where I met the boyfriend and then we quickly went to a new butcher shop and to the package store before the game. We got stuck in a flash rain shower, but the rainbow that came out of it was so huge, bright and beautiful it was well worth it!

I was so bummed when we got to the package store because I really wanted some Redhook WIT. The Redhook website claimed that it was sold there, but the guy working there said they didn’t buy it because they only sold Redhook 12pks and that wasn’t a mover. The boyfriend told me after that the guy had no clue what he was talking about, but that still didn’t get me my Redhook. We did pick up some Goose Island Sophie and Matilda though. I had already had Matilda one night at a restaurant but was excited to try the Sophie.

Sophie is light and really refreshing. It has a slight citrus note with a floral undertone to it and is an extremely clean finish with almost no aftertaste. I cannot stand beers that linger in your mouth which is why I have yet to find an IPA that I like. This also has 6.5% alcohol so it is a much stronger beer than it makes itself out to be. The Matilda is very similar to the Sophie but it has a little spice to it and a little stronger of a body. It also is a rich red color instead of the pale blonde that Sophie is.

We did a BBQ for the game with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend. I didn’t snap any pictures though as everything was sort of a mess across the counter and nothing was done at the same time, so it was like a 4 course meal all made up from parts of one large meal. Everything tasted fine though and everyone had plenty to eat, in the end that is all that matters.

During the first intermission I got up and cleaned the kitchen, again I think I am becoming more and more like my mom because the thought of all the dirty dishes and a dirty counter was driving me nuts and I couldn’t just relax.

Can you go to bed or just sit around while the kitchen is a mess or do you feel the need to clean it up? 
I use to be able to wake up the next morning and take care of things, now going to bed with dishes in the sink or sitting around during a pause in what I’m doing just drives me nuts. 


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