Girls Night

I feel like it has been forever since our last girls night. Though I’ve seen my ladies and even had a quadruple date on Friday night with three of my girl friends it hasn’t been an all out ladies night in awhile. So by the time 6:00 rolled around I was so excited to get on the road and meet my girls at Sportello which is a Barbara Lynch restaurant. Another Lynch restaurant that we went to was Butcher Shop a month or so ago.

Though my navigation tried to make me late to our date I still managed to get there on time and sit down right when they were. After a quick hello we all flipped the menu over and looked at the wine selections. It wasn’t shocking to see nothing we recognized, but were hopeful that the waiter could make a suggestion.

 I don’t think that a waiters suggestion will ever top the Moma we had at Carmelina’s  but this one wasn’t that bad. Not a favorite by far for me, but not the worst we have had either.

Pecchenino Dolcetto di Dogliani “San Luigi”

Next we looked at the cheese menu, they didn’t have a cheese platter but they had five cheeses listed out for an appetizer, so we ordered all of them.

Only four were available but those four were all amazing. My favorite by a landslide was the Robiola Tre Latte. It was so rich and creamy almost like a more refined Brie cheese, and was also Allie’s favorite as well. Mia’s was the Pantaleo which was a hard cheese that tasted like a saltier version of Parmesan.

We also got slices of fresh bread and a side of whipped ricotta topped with some olive oil and a rhubarb compote. I am not a fan of rhubarb so I stayed away from those pieces but the sweetness was sort of nice after having so much rich cheese.

For dinner I was torn between the gnocchi and the agnolotti. I had been here before with WHO for her birthday and got the gnocchi but the agnolotti sounded pretty decent as well. In the end I got the agnolotti pasta with the gnocchi topping and it was to die for. The potato filling inside the agnolotti was so smooth and creamy and the cream sauce with mushrooms and peas was earthy and salty on top. I couldn’t even taste the gross pea flavor that’s how much the truffle oil came through.

The girls both got a bolognese which looked decent but I think I got the real winner here. I would love to make the taglitelle pasta that theirs came with though for a regular pasta night. Looks like I’m going to have to invest in this attachment for my Kitchenaid. Or perhaps go the old fashion way and just roll it out like I do every year for the Thanksgiving Eve meal.

I couldn’t pass up chocolate cake for dessert when I saw it. I don’t have any chocolate in the house because the boyfriend is not a chocolate fan and I will eat it all. At least with other desserts he eats it so I don’t go crazy and then am embarrassed when he goes to get something and it is all gone. If it was chocolate though he would have no clue if it was gone or not because of his zero interest, and I’m sure I would be able to eat it in a day or two. Sadly I wasn’t a huge fan of this cake. From a distance it looks so rich and so decadent, but it was actually pretty dry and not that chocolatey. They also drizzled olive oil on the top and then salted it, I’m not a fan of the olive oil at all. The salt actually enhanced the chocolate flavor a little for me, but still not a home run.

All in all it was a fantastic girls night and I can’t wait to get these back into regular rotation.

What foods do you have to keep outside your house?
Mine are chips and dip and anything dessert wise. Luckily with the boyfriend pantry I forget about chips most of the time but I never forget about desserts! 


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