Weekend Recaps, Workouts

Weekend Recap

What a relaxing weekend! I got to see so many of my friends too which was fantastic. I don’t think any of the Boston friends were left out (besides Kelli) from my weekend plans. Friday day was another gross day at work so I am going to skip right over that!

Friday night my friend WHO, Erin and her fiance Brian and some of their friends along with the boyfriend and I all went to Mass Ave Tavern in the pouring rain to get dinner and drinks while watching the Bruins sweep the Penguins. I loved the atmosphere there and the food was great, but the service was SO SLOW and this isn’t the best of sports bars because there was a huge group of people playing board games all around. Fun for a regular week night, not somewhere I’ll go again to watch an important game. For a drink I got one called Back Bay and it had bourbon along with some sweetness, according to the boyfriend it was exactly like an Old Fashion. I loved it! For dinner the boyfriend and I split buffalo chicken fingers which I can’t seem to be getting enough of lately and then we each ordered Mac and Cheese. He thought we should split one, I thought he was silly. I couldn’t get a good picture of it but below is the best I got. It was so good, and I ate it all, plus took the boyfriends home with us.

Saturday morning we woke up and since we had zero breakfast food in the house he made quick run to Dunkin Donuts for himself while I ate leftover Mac and Cheese and a salad. He was thoroughly grossed out that I was eating salad for breakfast but I thought it was phenomenal.

After breakfast I headed out to my esthetician and then stopped over at my apartment to grab a few things before heading to the gym. At the gym I knew since I had eaten Mac and Cheese two meals in a row I really needed to work up a sweat I decided to do a 20/20/20. Back when I use to go to Miami they would have a class called 20/20/20 and one called 30/30/30 where you would do 20 or 30 minutes of one exercise and then do another so it was constantly changing up. It is a very quick way to blow through a hour or hour and a half workout.

It was my turn to do a date night for the boyfriend so after a quick shower and change we headed out to Patriots Place so he could go to Bass Pro Shop. I had never been and was shocked to see how huge it was.

The bathrooms even had cute signs on them!

He wanted to play a game where you use a rifle with a laser and hit targets, I was content with just letting him play, but he insisted that I give it a try. When I ended up beating him he had zero desire to play again.

We continued to look around and my favorite part was when we came upon turtles sunning themselves and swimming around. They were so cute.

We then met up with my friend and her boyfriend at Bar Louie for dinner and drinks. I got a drink with whiskey and commercial moonshine that was called Peach Lightning. It was so so good and I could have drank about five more, but I was the driver so I just had one and then switched to water.

For dinner I got a Cesar salad with buffalo chicken. Like I stated above, I cannot get enough of buffalo chicken right now, plus this was one of my staple dinners when I was trying to lose weight the first time and succeeded, so why mess with a good thing.

It was so great to see them and the boyfriend really liked hanging out with them, hopefully when their new house is built we can see each other a lot more. I really missed her!

Sunday was beautiful! I ate lunch of a salad and some toast pieces outside while reading my book.

 I was so happy that the rose bush bloomed and while I was bending over to smell them I saw 5 shoots coming out of the grown. MY PLANTS ARE GROWING! I rushed in to tell the boyfriend who looked at me with amusement and said “that’s great”. At least he humors me!

I then took off to play some softball and hang out with friends for a few hours before coming home and ordering Chinese food to top off a great and relaxing weekend! Next weekend doesn’t look so relaxing so I’m glad I got this in now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

If you could have an ideal date what would it be?
I think my ideal date would be secluded somewhere, perhaps outside hiking or boating or somewhere with no distractions where I could just talk to the person I was with. Very different than a few years ago where it would be the fancy dinner or something superficial like that! 


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