Growing Up

There are moments in your life when you just realize you are getting older. It happens when you are out at a bar and cannot believe the outfit some girl walked in wearing, I mean doesn’t she know it is winter and those shoes are definitely not sensible. It happens when you go to buy shorts and cannot find a long enough pair, or when the thought of staying out until 2 am to shut the bars down just isn’t appealing at all. I use to wear insane things to bars, I would even leave my coat at home because there is no way I would pay the $2 to check it. My dad use to ask me what happen to the other half of my shorts because I use to wear them so short, and I use to stay out when I lived in Miami until after the sun came up. Alas I am getting older, and nothing was more telling of this than yesterday when I went to the high school graduation of the older of the two boys I use to watch in college.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my life and where I am now, but I remember VERY well being his age. I even remember what I wore to my graduation, how I felt, where we went to eat after and even getting ready that morning. To think that I’m 12 years removed from that just blows my mind.

The day was wonderful though, the faculty and speakers were short and to the point, the senior addressing the class was fantastic and did better than all the adults combined and even though there was around 2,000 kids graduating the pace was fast enough that it didn’t seem to go on forever.

Proud Family!

My “Babies”

 After the graduation we went out to dinner at the Top of the Hub. The reservations were at 8 but we didn’t get seated until after 8:30, we did have fantastic views though and the Malbec I ordered was fantastic.

When we finally sat down bread was brought almost instantly and drinks were reshreshed so that was very nice. Since we were all starving though we didn’t waste any time putting our orders in. I got a Cesar Salad to start and then Garganelli a la Bolognese.

The starters were brought out and the salad was good, I don’t know if I was famished or not though so it isn’t a great judge.

Cole, the younger of the two boys, ordered chowder in honor of their dog named Chowder. I ADORE the bowl it came in and would love to find some for my house, but the chowder was very runny and not a lot of depth in the flavor.

The pasta was fresh and cooked perfectly and the Bolognese was good too, although I’m wishing I went with the Sacchetti Purses now because it wasn’t anything unique or out of this world.

For dessert we got a cookie plate to split and the waiter was so fantastic and put a candle and wrote “Congratulations on your graduation” on the plate in chocolate which was very nice of them to do.

The cookies were FANTASTIC though and I would go back there for dessert and drinks in a heartbeat. I don’t know if it is worth the dinner prices though. All in all it was a fantastic evening with my Massachusetts family and loved getting to see them.

Gorgeous flowers by the elevator 

Congratulations Chris! Good Luck and Penn State!

What moments do you have that make you feel old?


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