New Popsicles

Yesterday was the last day of being in a conference room for 10 hours a day!! I’m so excited to be out of there and back into my office, although like I said before the exposure was great and it will probably help me out career wise, I’m so happy to be back in my little office now.

Yesterday started off with a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Serves 1
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 1/4 cup of Yogurt
  • 1/4 cup of milk if strawberries or banana is frozen
Blend all together!
I added spinach into that one and it made the color look like split pea soup, and I thought slightly altered the taste, yet when I made the same smoothie this morning without the spinach it tasted the same so it must not have. I guess I was more thinking this would taste like strawberry banana yogurt which is my favorite and it doesn’t. 
For lunch they ordered in and it had some healthy options, so I ended up eating a salad and some green beans. I started to eat the tortellini salad but after about 1/4 of a cup I realized the taste really wasn’t the extra points so I stopped eating it. The salad had strawberries in it and after my little adventure this weekend of trying fruit in my salad I picked around it. 
For dinner I was going to make salmon steaks, mashed potatoes and some sauteed spinach, but the boyfriend really wanted to eat pizza so we ordered that and I made a huge salad to eat as well. I ended up eating only a piece and a half and then wanting something sweet so I broke out my new favorite low calories dessert. 
Source Here
They are so good and only two points for the whole thing. I didn’t get to eat the whole thing though as the boyfriend decided that he wanted to eat part of mine. I was being a total brat too and not wanting him to eat it, does he not know about not sharing desserts?!
The only thing missing about these pops is a cool joke on the stick. Yes that is very juvenile of me, but I love those silly jokes! 
Yay for today being the halfway point of of the week!
What desserts do you eat when you don’t want to splurge?
Normally frozen fruit with a drizzle of honey or some sort of Popsicle. I’m not a fan of the low fat imitation desserts, if I’m going to have a piece of cheesecake, it’s going to be a real piece. 

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