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I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday and that I am more than half done with this project. I was told today that we were going to condense everything down and be done by Tuesday night. Although that is going to make for a long two days (Friday and Tuesday) I’m glad it isn’t going to extend for the rest of the week. I started off the day yesterday with another smoothie, I filled it too full with fruit so I couldn’t fit any spinach in it but that just made the color a lot prettier.

Lunch was sandwiches and I managed to not get any chips or cookies which really helped me save some points for dinner. Dinner, was very similar to last night but instead of noodles I used couscous and to bulk it up I used about a cup of large broccoli. I forgot I had that in the freezer and when I was looking to see if there was anything quick in there to eat I found it and decided to eat the similar thing to last night. The additional vegetables made it a little bland though so after this picture was taken I put a lot of hot sauce on it.

This past Sunday I finished my book finally and have already started my new one which is new one by Mindy Kaling.

Stephen King - 11/22/63 Book
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I love loved loved this book! It was so well written and the characters were fantastic, it was nothing like I have ever read before and was captivated the whole time. The more I got into the book the more I lost half days just reading and transporting myself to a different time.

Stephen King wrote this book simply “because time travel is fun to think about” and it was so fun to read about. He did a lot of research so while I was reading I would google something to see if they were real people he was writing about or what they actually looked like. The book was about a guy, Jake Epping, who discovers through a friend a portal that transports him back to 1958. The main objective of the guy showing Jake the portal is for Jake to stay in the past and stop the JFK assassination. The story then takes place around Jake deciding if he is actually going to go through with this massive task and as well as the adventures he has while he is 55 years in the past.

The main point around the story is that the past doesn’t want to be changed and the butterfly effect something has on the world. It gets a little complex to think about but at the same time it is cool to ponder. The questions along the line of, what if I didn’t take my job and decided to work at a different company, what if I got a different car, what if I stayed in Miami for school and never came back to New England. There are so many paths in life we can take, so what makes us choose one and what would our life be like if we chose the other.

It makes you consider if things are predestine or if it is fate/serendipity. I believe that people come into your life for a reason and on that same note I believe that people also leave your life for a reason. I think situations you are put in are yours to determine how you handle, but there is always a choice in them and that choice determines your path. I could have stayed in a job I was miserable in, I could have left at the first offer I got or I could wait for the right offer and the right fit. I choose the latter and couldn’t be happier with that choice.

I am not going to get into any spoilers in the book because I think both my mom and grandma would love this book and strongly suggest they read it. It is a fantastic read though and so unique!

If you could change something in your past would you?
Yes, I remember vividly one day on the bus I was making fun of a kid in my class because he was more advanced than the rest of us. I was saying mean things about what he wore and then I looked behind me and he was sitting right there. To this day I feel awful and have never spoken poorly of someone unless they had done something to me before.


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