Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Friday morning started off with me in a mood still, so like I told myself the night before, I needed to get to the gym to run it off because the weekend was around the corner and I didn’t need to be in a huff all day. So I took off to the gym where I ran 3 miles doing pyramids, which are when you slowly increase the speed or incline you are running then slowly decrease it. I did the increase slowly but I was trying to push myself to run faster than what is comfortable so the decreases were always a little faster than the increases.

Work was again crazy and after a meeting that started at 4:30 and luckily ended at 5:00 I took off for the weekend. I headed over to the boyfriends place and then we went out with his friends for dinner and some drinks. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want to be the crazy lady again, but we went to Rattlesnake where I got a few Sangria’s to start with, and then the steak quesadilla. The food I had was fantastic and the boyfriends friend and girlfriend both liked theirs, unfortunately the enchiladas that they boyfriend ordered weren’t that good because they put a chocolate mole on top. Not the best flavor combination! After dinner we went and had another drink at Solas, but his friends were tired and wanted to head out so we headed back to his place.

Saturday I was up bright and early for a spin class with WHO. The spin instructor kicked our butts and after the 50 minutes were over we were dripping sweat. We then treated ourselves to Starbucks since we hadn’t gotten any caffeine yet where I got a fantastic Hazelnut Iced Latte. While we were walking back to our cars she mentioned she wanted an egg sandwich and I knew that is exactly what I wanted for breakfast as well. I went back and made the sandwich, where for the first time I tried putting some jelly on the toast like I saw on PBFingers.com. It was so good!! The sweetness was a perfect balance to the savory of the cheese and bread, I think this is how I will be eating the rest of my egg sandwiches from now on.

After breakfast the boyfriend woke up and wanted to go out to the mall to get some new clothes, plus some stain for the deck chairs we had gotten a few weeks before. So I jumped in the shower and we headed out. I wasn’t planning on getting anything but I saw a periwinkle scarf (found here) at The Gap that I had to have and then some flip flops. I also got some new yoga pants (found here) at Old Navy because my other ones are three years old and starting to get a hole where they fold over. After a few hours shopping with him I was famished and asked if we could stop for lunch, he agreed and picked Pizzeria Regina’s as the place we would eat. I got the California Chicken sandwich without the bacon and a side house salad. All the vegetables were so fresh and I loved that they put sprouts on the sandwich. I pulled out half the chicken but it was still fantastic and the boyfriend got a margarita pizza that was amazing. I think this place has the best pizza hands down.

We then went back to his apartment where I did some laundry and kept on reading my book and he started to stain the chairs. Pretty soon after though we had to get ready to go to his family’s house for another get together. It was again another fantastic time where his family was so warm and welcoming and I just felt so accepted that it was really nice. My family isn’t close in distance so it is hard to get together with them, nor do they do a large get together unless it is a holiday so it was a really great feeling to spend the evening with a huge family and feel like a part of it. I hope they do more in the future, because I would rather spend a Saturday night like that most of the time than out at a bar. (holy cow I’m getting old!)

Sunday I was feeling lazy so I read my book outside (with SPF 50 of course) for awhile and then went to meet up with my softball team for some practice. I’m so out of shape softball wise, although towards the end I was getting my pitching down a little, the batting was still very bad. I’m going to have to look at getting a new bat this year, the one that the boys use is way too long for me and I had to choke up almost to the barrel. After a few hours practice broke up because the Bruins game was on, since I knew this week was going to be a long week I decided to go back and shower and watch the game at the boyfriends. Halfway through I was starving so he ran out and got us Chipolte which was so good. I got the same exact thing as here, only ate it on the couch while watching the game.

When the game was over we decided to watch Flight since we both hadn’t seen it and I had the Netflix DVD since the start of March. It was a fantastic movie, although very sad, and not like a lot of the other movies that are being made. Denzel Washington does a great job with his character and the soundtrack is also pretty good as well. Sunday was definealty a lazy day though because less than an hour after the movie was over it was time for Game of Thrones, where I made a much healthier snack than last week. I knew the boyfriend would eat about half if not more of the snack so I cut up two of the apples, so we could both have one.

Can’t believe it is back to Monday again, next weekend is Memorial Day though so at least I will have an extra day to rest!

Do you ever feel weird taking pictures of something?
When I don’t know people very well I don’t like taking pictures of my food. I know it looks sort of like the crazy lady so I try to refrain. 


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