Busy Bee

Wow it sure has been busy at work! By the time I got home last night I was too beat to write a post so it is going to be two days into one today. Wednesday started out with a breakfast of champions. Sorry WHO!

Then I headed out the door and drove to Manchester, CT to meet with a wholesaler and discuss next years plans. It was great to get out of the office and be in the market a little, even if it was just at a wholesaler and not actually out in the retail. I finally got to see our new Bowtie cans too which I thought were so cute. I liked them so much they gave me a case. So cute and I’m a Bud lover so it was a great little “parting gift”.

When I finally made it back to Boston I was beat and had zero desire to hit the gym or make food so I ordered sushi and while I was waiting for the delivery I played Just Dance 3 on Kinect. The next thing I knew the delivery was there and I had just danced for over 40 minutes. I was soaked in sweat but I had a great time. I didn’t get 5 stars on any of them yet, but I’m close on a few songs. The sushi was AMAZING. I got it from Blue Fuji and it was the Red Sox Maki and the New Rock & Roll Maki. It was so good, but I was so full after those two rolls that I couldn’t even eat the soup and salad it came with, which was perfect because then I had lunch for the next day!

Thursday morning started off with me being lazy and not getting to the gym. I had the same breakfast as the day before only this time I got a little hungry early on and decided to have a handful of almonds.

While I was doing that I reflected on how I have been eating and working out lately and the moves I could make to make myself more comfortable. I decided after a quick debate to start to do weight watchers again. I don’t need it as badly as I did when I was close to 200lbs but I do need to make myself more accountable and really see how much I’m putting in vs. how much I’m working off. So I signed up, and started to track my day in the app, I was happy to see by the end of the day I had stayed within my points range and didn’t really alter what I was eating at all that day based off counting. This gave me hope that perhaps this time I can actually do it and stick with it. I have enough stress in my life to not have to deal with worrying about what I’m eating and if I’m actually doing something good for my body, so I am letting the program do all the work for me now. It works when you follow it, I know it does and have gotten great results on it.

Lunch time rolled around and I was starving, so hungry that I didn’t manage to get a picture of the wonton soup I had. It wasn’t that great though so I wouldn’t suggest it if you ever eat there. It was more homemade tasting and I like the traditional Chinese food place one more. The side salad with the ginger dressing was amazing though. I am still trying to find out how to make that dressing, it is creamy and so fantastic. I haven’t found a recipe that even looks like the stuff they give you at the sushi place.

Since work has been so slammed I was home late and needed to take a run to just chill out. So I went out even as the sun was setting to get a few miles in, and boy was it steamy! I couldn’t believe that even with the sun down it was still in the 80s, my body totally wasn’t use to it and I was cramping up. I still ran with a pretty decent time though so I was very pleased with my effort.

After a quick shower I turned on the Bruins game and made myself some leftovers. One more day of the Buffalo ring and then I’m done!

I used up the rest of the avocado and corn making dinner and lunch for today as well as all the mixed greens. I really like when I don’t waste any produce, especially since it is so expensive! Dinner was fantastic and I inhaled it and the game turned out to be a great win too. I went to bed and couldn’t even read a chapter before my eyes were closing.

So glad today is Friday! I need this weekend!

How do you deal with busy times and stress?
Normally I just get really cranky, but I have been learning that even if I’m tired a run will make everything better by the end. I just have to force myself out there. 


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