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Yesterday started off with me missing the first alarm and scrambling to get out of the house and to the gym since I knew I would probably be working a little late and when that happens my motivation to go to the gym is always around 0%. I made it to the gym with just 20 minutes to workout, which is better than nothing but I have really been trying to kick my butt into gear so it wasn’t as ideal as I would have liked. I decided to go on the elliptical and did this quick workout that by the end had my face soaked in sweat and my heart pumping. Your workout is what you make of it, so I went as hard as I could each of the 20 minutes, I’m sure if I half a$$ed it I wouldn’t have gotten the same sweat.

The rest of the day was spent slammed at work, like I said a few weeks ago it was the calm before the storm, well the storm has hit and we are so busy right now. I did spend most of the day though convincing myself I did not need the chips that were in the office kitchen. I had a handful for lunch but didn’t go back like I planned so that is considered a win in my book!

I finally made it back to the boyfriends place and informed him that I was way too tired to cook that night, so I had a preboyfriend type dinner. It was actually fantastic and when I was finished realized I made it vegetarian without even knowing. I was just looking at things around the kitchen (besides extra buffalo chicken ring!) and decided on couscous, some corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes, an avocado and an egg. It was a pretty good dinner though it lacked spices so I used a lot of salt which I don’t like doing. Perhaps a few dashes of hot sauce next time will take care of that though.

Since yesterday wasn’t very blogworthy I decided to catch up on my “products I have tired” photos.

This first one is a “don’t like product”. I got it one time while I was picking up my coffee at Starbucks, and there was a long line. I thought it would be a limeade type drink but when I had one it tasted like a watered down mojito. I was not a fan and gave away the rest of them.

Burt’s Bees is fast becoming one of my favorite beauty companies. They use all natural products and they work very well. I use another face wash called Orange Essence Facial Cleanser in the morning and it is also fantastic. I switched from Kiehls after I had a very hard time with ordering online and the customer service. Though I like Kiehls products I like that I can get Burt’s Bees at any drug store and it has department store quality.
Nail Polish!! This one by Nicole which is called Love Your Life is so fun! It goes on as a sheer sparkle but then has little hearts in it as well. Below I paired it with Lapiz of Luxury which I reviewed here. So fun and so easy to make a cute design on your nails!

These are actually two of my new favorite polishes. The party nail is called Feelin Hot Hot Hot! and is a fantastic coarlish color for the summer. The more toned down one is called Kiss on the Chic and is a very great neutral pink to wear as an everyday polish. Both are from OPI

 Are you a nail polish freak?
I am, I have so many that sometimes I have been known to buy duplicate colors by mistake since I forgot I had it. 


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