Weekend Recaps, Workouts

Weekend Recap

What a crazy Friday that turned into a very relaxing weekend! It started off with me thinking I would be able to get a big workout in after work and then realizing that I had said I would go to a team building event at the Red Sox Game.  For breakfast I brought in the remainder of the avocado salad I made and put it on a bagel. It was fantastic, so much better than cream cheese o and a lot healthier too. I read somewhere that you should try to eat a whole avocado every day, that seems little much to me, but I am trying to get more of them in my diet.

Right after lunch I was approached by one of the directors asking me to deliver tickets to a retailer around 3, so I quickly packed up and left work. Only to sit in traffic for over an hour, the roads were a mess! I was a little stressed out, but happy to have officially started my weekend a little early so I didn’t get too worked up.

I then made it down to the Fenway area and met up with my coworker, Sean, (ski buddy from here) to go and have a few drinks where we ended up meeting with four other members of the team. I wish I could say I watched the amazing game that was going on when I got to the field, but the Bruins game was on so I sat in the suite and watched that the whole time. We got a surprise guest about half way through the Red Sox game, unfortunately he didn’t bring good luck to the Bruins.


After the game I was tired and my stomach wasn’t 100% ok so I decided to not go out with my coworkers. Something was definitely off because I woke up and ate my typical weekend breakfast and then fell back asleep until around 12:30. When I finally woke up I was in the need for a massive gym workout so I headed out to try a homemade circuit workout.

I attached what I did below, and I have to admit it kicked my butt! I loved it though and will try to do it at least once or twice a week to get ready for bathing suit season. It was pretty easy, do all 13 workouts, five at a time, for one minute each and then go through the list again only leave out one. (For me this is mountain climbers!)

Dead Lifts

Source Here


Source Here


Souce Here

Reverse Crunch

strong lower Abs_reverse crunch
Source Here


burpee Burpees
Source Here

Push Ups

Source Here

Side Plank Crunch

Side+Planks How to Lose Inches Off Your Waist
Source Here

Kettle Ball Swing

Good kettlebell swing
Source Here

Plank with Row

Source Here


 Back Exercises
Source Here

Triceps Curl

Source Here

Crunch and Twist

Source Here

Mountain Climber

Source Here

When the workout was done I went over to the boyfriends place and got ready for us to go out for a date night. We started off with dinner at Uno’s and then went to the movies. At Unos I got a Skinny Blood Orange Cosmo and got whip cream on the top, it tasted like a creamsicle and was fantastic. We split the loaded potato skins for an appetizer and then I had the Chopped Honey Crisp Chicken Salad.

I could have not gotten the chicken in it though as I only had one or two pieces and ate the rest of the salad without it. It was so good though and reminded me how much I love honey mustard on salads.

We saw Oblivion, which was not that horrible. I normally claim I hate sci fi movies, but this one wasn’t that bad, not very predictable and had a decent flow. I don’t think it is needed to be viewed in the movie theater but was a much better experience than the last time I went to the movies and saw Spring Breakers. I didn’t get invested in any of the characters, so it wasn’t as emotional as I believe the director was trying to make it out to be. Also the guy who plays Jamie Lanister on Game of Thrones was in it, and he is a character that just doesn’t fit anywhere else now that I’ve seen him play that role. Kind of like James Patterson will always be Edward and Jennifer Aniston will always be Rachel.

I woke up Sunday morning and since I had eggs on Saturday and didn’t want them again the boyfriend made me a grill cheese, it was so good I was half way done before I realized I hadn’t snapped a picture of it yet.

Sunday was also Mother’s Day, so I spent the morning talking to my grandmothers while looking at my flowers growing

Getting Big!

and then went to the boyfriends family for a barbecue lunch. I ended up meeting most of the family and loved them. They were so warm and welcoming and made me feel like I had been part of their family for years. It was such a nice feeling and I had a really good time. When it was time to leave I almost didn’t want the afternoon to end.

After dropping him off at his apartment I went to the grocery store where I shopped for the week, I ended up getting a ton of produce and was so excited when I saw fresh cherries on display. Those are my absolute favorite things to eat and can’t wait for them for the summer.

We were both so full from the huge lunch at his family’s cookout that we ended up eating sandwiches for dinner. I really wanted grilled bread with mashed up avocado and tomatoes on it so I had that while he made a more manly sandwich. For dessert I made some Honey Peanut Cinnamon popcorn, which I adored and he was just ok on.

Fine with me though because that just means I have a snack today and tomorrow! I found the recipe at Peanut Butter Fingers, and LOVE it. I will be making this again for sure.

I hope everyone had as relaxing weekend as I did!

Do you prefer relaxing weekends or ones that are filled with things? 
I like an even balance, I never like to end up going to work on Monday feeling tired from a packed weekend. 


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