G.N.O., Workouts

Girls Night #2!

Yesterday I was starving again! I think it is when I have hard workouts in the morning that I then spend the rest of the day with a huge appetite. I was excited though because I woke up and went for a run, though I was dead by the end I felt better than most morning workouts at the gym.

For breakfast I brought in a yogurt, but by the time I got to work I knew it wasn’t going to be enough so I made myself a bagel.

It was totally the right call because I was actually able to make it until 12:30 without my stomach rumbling. The morning flew by because it was a bunch of fire drills at work, which meant lunchtime was spent still doing work. I quickly made it down to the cafeteria to get a water and a side salad for the leftover tortilla pie from the night before.

I didn’t like it the second day either, but it was enough to fill me up with only one small snack before it was time to leave so it did its job. It was raining and gross the whole day yesterday as well, and about part way through the day I got nervous that the flowers I planted were getting too watered and the wind was too hard, but when I checked them later that night they actually had gotten bigger! I think I might have this planting thing down, let’s wait for the bulbs to come up though.

Last night was date night number two! Two girls nights in a row!!! I was so excited and quickly (as quick as Boston Red Sox traffic allows you) went down to the North End to meet Mia and Allie. We went to Carmelina’s which is right across the street from where I got the cannoli last time. The place is very small, but on a Wednesday night it wasn’t packed, I would still recommend getting a reservation just in case though! I got there later than the ladies did so by the time I sat down they had already started on a bottle of wine. It was an Italian three blend red wine made by Umberto Cesari that was fantastic, it was a rich red that had such a smooth finish we ended up getting a second bottle.

Normally when we go out we get a cheese plate, since we are all die hard cheese freaks, but this place didn’t have it because it wasn’t “in season”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t cheese an all year round type of deal? I didn’t know animals milk differently at different times. We opted instead for a fried mozzarella with spinach and prosciutto. It was really good, but I still missed the cheese plate.

For dinner I got a rollati with basically the same ingredients as the appetizer. Rollati is a fancy way of saying sheets of pasta rolled up with stuff inside, almost like mini manicottis. The girls both got a risotto, Mia’s was a prosciutto and pea one while Allies was a wild mushroom one. The second our food came I knew I got the wrong dish, the smell of the mushrooms and cheese coming off Allies plate was phenomenal.

And the winner, Allies

That is two nights in a row that I have tried something I wouldn’t normally get and wanted what other people have. I feel like I need to branch out and get things that I haven’t tried, but I always end up wanting the same old thing.

After we finished the rest of the wine we called it a night and Mia and I shared a T ride back towards my place, she was getting off earlier to stay with her boyfriend, and I started reading my book the second she got off. I’m officially obsessed with it. I’m thinking there is another book review in the near future the way I’m going though it now!

Do you always get the same thing or do you find yourself constantly trying new things?
I use to always get the same thing but then felt like I needed to branch out and get things I have never tried before. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it leaves me disappointed. 


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