Happy Birthday Erin

Yesterday started out with a quick workout at the gym where I jumped on the Stairmaster I was too lazy to do yesterday. I was having trouble finding music to keep me motivated but in the end I came up with a mix that let me virtually get to the top of the Empire State Building in less than 30 minutes.

I really want to start to get to the gym earlier and get in around an hour of a workout, I feel like it would take it up to the next level and I would start to see more results. Perhaps bathing suit season around the corner will motivate me to try at least twice a week to reach that goal.

When I got to work I was starving and the yogurt I brought wasn’t going to cut it, so I ended up putting some peanut butter in it.

This held me over until lunch, though around 12:00 my stomach was starving again. Luckily I had a huge lunch of leftovers that I dug into and it was equally as good the second day. I wish I had gotten some corn to make for lunch but now I will know next time.

I quickly went home after work to see the kitten and make sure he had food and grab a quick snack as I was starving again, then headed out to South Boston to see my friend Erin and celebrate her new apartment and more importantly HER BIRTHDAY!!

So pretty with the sun in the buildings!

Her new apartment is really nice and the location is amazing! We had the pink champagne I won at the baby shower.


 Kelli was there and she got her cupcakes. I had to take a picture, they were so huge and looked amazing. They came from Crumbs, which I am going to have to try!

We then headed over to Rosa Mexicano to continue her birthday celebration.

 After two glasses of champagne I was feeling a tad tipsy so I skipped getting a margarita since I needed to drive home, but walking in and looking at all the tables I knew I wouldn’t be skipping getting the guacamole. A cart comes over to your table and they make it fresh right in front of you, this stuff was amazing and we finished the whole bowl well before our meals arrived.

I was debating what I wanted for dinner and asked the waiter to help me decide, though it was good, it wasn’t stellar and I don’t think I will be getting it again.

Chicken Tortilla Pie

One bite of Erin’s enchilada though and I knew that I should have gone with my first choice.

Chicken Enchilada

Kelli’s looked amazing too, I don’t know how she didn’t finish all of them!

Fish Tacos

The meals were good though and I have half of mine today for lunch. I think the star of the dinner was the rice, he said it was just brown rice with cilantro, mint and parsley but there had to be something else in it because it tasted almost creamy. I’ll have to search the internet to figure out how to make this.

After dinner I headed home to bed and read my book for a little while before falling asleep. It is starting to get really good and I’m having a hard time putting it down, I think I know where my weekend is headed. Sunscreen included of course.

Hopefully she had a good birthday, I know I had a great time with her. It was great to see her again since the last time was planning her bachelorette party…which I need to get on!

Do you have a hard time trying to figure out with to eat?
Sometimes I do. I think when I wasn’t eating meat it was pretty easy because there are only a few options to choose from. Now that I added chicken back into the rotation is getting a little harder to figure out things I want to try. 


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