Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Oh my gosh what a weekend! It feels like it flew by but looking back at all my pictures I did a ton! So let’s get started!!

Friday morning started off with a killer workout where I was feeling very girlpowerish so all my songs were about women being independent and feisty which put me in a great mood. (Mix to come tomorrow there will be too many pictures in this post) I then went to work where again it was a stressed out day, but I made it through because I knew the weekend was right around the corner. I got back to the boyfriends house after work and he was already home, I quickly made meatballs since I didn’t want the beef to go bad and then we went out on an adventure in search of a bar so he could watch the Celtics game. It was a massive fail, and I felt horrible. We finally found a place called Braza that looked fantastic from the outside and had the game on with zero wait. It was gross. The drinks were horrible and the buffet was awful. The best thing on my plate was the salad.

Feeling very defeated we went home and watched the Hunger Games. I felt so bad because it was game 6 and I knew he wanted to watch it somewhere like we did on Wednesday.

The next morning I was up early to head over to WHOs apartment to feed her cats and take advantage of the location and go for a run.

Grace loved my stuff! 

It was a beautiful day and I ended up doing almost 5 miles. I learned that if I take a picture while running my mapmyrun ap pauses, so my pace and distance are a little off but the picture is worth it! Song mix tomorrow of course.

Such a beautiful city

After the run I showered quickly then headed over to South Station to pick up my mom and Bridge for a day at the Big Apple Circus and then lunch to meet the boyfriend. The circus was amazing, walking up to the tent and smelling a mixture of cotton candy, popcorn, pretzels and caramel apples just put you in the right mood. I got them the tickets for mothers day so I wanted them to be great seats and I think they were, we saw everything and had a fantastic time. I think my favorite was the dogs though.

The tent!
Pretty close to all the action
The Ring Master
The horses (that little girl was SO good!)
The clowns
The Contortionist 
The tight rope walker
This man rode around in the hoop 
The dogs! 
They were jumping rope

Lady like on Cirque du Soleil
Crazy act with zero ropes flying high in the tent

After the circus we went out and the boyfriend was waiting for us to go to lunch. We went over to Cheers where I forgot to take pictures of the food because I was all flustered. I got a chicken with mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini, but about two bites in I picked out the chicken and just ate the tomatoes and mozzarella.  It went really well and the parents loved him.

View on my way home

Saturday night I went out with some of my friends and my co worker to The Point  to watch the Bruins game. Sadly they didn’t win but walking through Faneuil Hall after was so pretty!

It felt like Christmas! 

Sunday morning I got up and the boyfriend made me breakfast again. It was again fantastic, and I ate everything. All I had to do was cut the potatoes for the fried potatoes, which were phenomenal. I thought I got a picture of the done product but must have been in a hurry to eat!

I could go for this right now!
  Then I went and laid outside for awhile before I had to head to South Boston to meet the boyfriends parents for the first time. Unfortunately one of the things the doctor told me when I was there last week was no more sun without SPF 50. I’ve always worshiped the sun and been a brown berry when the summer is over, but I’m going to try. So I sprayed on the lotion and sat out with the kitty.

Ugh… at least it smells good

And anything is worth being able to sit under this! 
Kitty is not so sure he likes it though
Lunch was fantastic! We went to Legal Seafood  and I had the most amazing Strawberry Sangria. I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to look odd the first time meeting his parents, but since one of my best friends is moving down here right across the street, I will be back to get this again! The oysters we had were also out of this world, so flavorful! For lunch I had the lobster roll which were really good, though not as good as the time I got them at Bambara with WHO. I adore his mom and can’t wait to see her again. 
After lunch we went to Home Depot because I really want to try my hand at growing some plants this summer and since he has space outside, he said I could do what I wanted. I got some plants for a planter he had next to the door
These guys are so cute and just make me smile!

As well as some bulbs to try and grow some flowers during early and late summer. If the early ones work I will go back and get some more to do the rest of the flower beds, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money if I didn’t have the green thumb.
Can’t wait to see if this works
While I was planting the flowers he was putting together some new chairs for the deck, and then wanted to burn the cardboard in the chimenea. So I decided I was going to roast some peeps. Such a great idea! The sugar makes it so it has a hard shell, like a brulee, and the inside is so gooey. The one problem is they heat fast and when they catch on fire they fall quickly off the stick. 

Talk about napalm! 

When it got too cold to be out anymore we went inside where I quickly heated up the meatballs I made Friday night and did a quick garlic bread and pasta to go with it. It was a fantastic way to end an amazing weekend.

Such sloppy presentation!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Can you garden?
I have grown basil as well as had houseplants inside, but this will be my first try at something that deals with elements! 

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