Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

I started off the weekend giddy with excitement. I don’t know if it was the fact I had plans with WHO or my Southie girls on Saturday but I was pumped. After work I headed over to WHOs apt where we did a workout at the gym. I was really happy because it took me back to when we use to train for the tough mudder, and she had me doing a circuit workout so it was almost like we were doing it again. Almost.

We then went back to her place where I made a huge salad and she made shredded Brussels sprouts with mushrooms and wild rice along with some teriyaki chicken. I was famished and ate two huge plates if salad topping it with a few slices of chicken and then tons of the rice mixture. After my second plate my stomach was so full and I realized that two fruit smoothies and two huge plates of salad making up the majority of what I ate that day was probably not the best of ideas.

So good! I missed salad dinners

We then worked on my blog website. She is a master at making the page look how I imagined it and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! She was so patient in listening to what I wanted and helping me get just that. True saint! I feel a little bad though because it took away from her and her husband having some quality time which she desperately needed. She’s having some family issues and the only thing I can do is listen, I’m extremely lucky to have a younger brother, that no matter the time I can call and talk to and he is always supportive. Even when he lived across the country we were there for each other.

After I said goodnight to WHO and her husband I headed back to see the boyfriend who was on the couch with Tucker having a cocktail. I wasn’t planning in drinking at all but it looked so good I decided to have a glass of wine. Which turned into a few too many glasses and resulted in me sleeping away a headache until around 11:30 the next morning. Sort of a bummer since it was such a gorgeous day and I wanted to sit outside and read.

I made a quick breakfast, packed up the cat and headed over to my apartment to get out in the sun for a little while. Though I had to keep my long skirt and sweatshirt on it still felt luxurious to take in some vitamin D. I get that from my mom, who when outside will close her eyes and face towards the sun no matter the temperature.

Cheese omelet with leftover couscous on the side

Sadly I had to rip myself away from the sunshine to go and get ready for my friends birthday celebration.

Being at the beach would be the only thing to make this better!

The night started a little stressful as getting into the city there was a ton of traffic and the parking situation wasn’t great at all. Couple that with me being stressed about being downtown after all that went on resulted in a not so good start to the night. Luckily the bounce back was quick and we made our way to Lolita.

I love Lolita for the cocktails and the side dishes but it isn’t really a spot I would go to drink on a Saturday night. I still had a good time seeing some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and had a great cocktail and meal. I started with a margarita called the Diablo. It is a spicy one with peppers and ground jalapenos then topped with blood orange and tequila. I think it is delicious but it isn’t for everyone.

Those are peppers on the rim

We then sat down to the table an hour later and attacked the chips and dips, my favorite was a spicy cheese and the guacamole, yet everyone at the table liked a different one so it was a good thing there were tons of choices. For my meal I got a mixture of appetizers, the first was a lobster enchilada which was FANTASTIC and then a side of corn bread and brussels sprouts. I already knew I adored the corn bread and the sprouts were good. Unfortunately I don’t think my stomach thought the sprouts were good because I had the worst cramps and made it about 20 minutes after dinner before I wanted to leave.

They give you cotton candy with pop rocks at the end!

The next morning I felt so much better! I was then treated when the boyfriend claimed that he was going to make breakfast. I normally don’t let anyone cook me breakfast on lazy mornings because only my dad and I can do it right. I let him though, a tad skeptical but keeping an open mind. It was perfect! Better than I could have done and just like my dad use to do. I ate every last bite.

I then went out and laid in the sun and read again. I was feeling better but not yet ready to hit the gym and definitely not ready to go hang out with my friends who were drinking at the softball field. I got so engrossed in my book that the next thing I knew it was 4:00 and I needed to get my butt to the gym.

I did a killer workout on PB Fingers website and then did abs with my new favorite app Sworkit. When I got back to the apartment I was starving and not excited about facing the crowds at the grocery store to cook so we grabbed dinner at Chipolte. True to my word I didn’t get the meat in the burrito again. I think it truly isn’t needed and loved every bite.

I was so tired by the time Game of Thrones rolled around I was having trouble staying awake through it all. I passed out immediately after not even making it ten minutes into reading.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

What foods do you love but your body does not?
I guess my new one is brussels sprouts sadly, but tree nuts are the other one that I love which I cannot eat.


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