Weekend Recaps, Workouts

Weekend (Plus Two Day) Recap

What a mixed weekend. I woke up Friday early excited for the girls weekend I had ahead of me and went to bed Sunday hardly able to stand on my feet and drained of all emotions.

I got into the shower Friday morning excited because I was actually in my shower and not at the gym, feeling a tad guilty that I skipped out at the gym by so happy I had my rain shower head. After I got out of the shower I checked my phone for the first time that morning and saw that there was an emergency alert and seven texts from friends about what was happening in my neighborhood. The rest of the day was a blur of me just sitting on the couch watching the news while helicopters hovered over my apartment and police lined my streets. I didn’t move until I got a text from the boyfriend telling me he was going to leave his job early and to meet at his house.

Trying to get mom to play
Realizing today wasn’t a play day and snuggling

I almost never cry in front of boys but the second he hugged me the tear just started to roll. We got inside and since I hadn’t even eaten the whole day he made me eat something while we discussed what we would do that night. It was agreed very quickly that we would be staying in, but we needed to go out because in my rush to get out of my apartment I didn’t even bring Tucker his food!

You want me to eat give me bread and cheese! 

After a strong margarita and 12oz of Lime A Rita I was sound asleep on the boyfriend.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Saturday I was up bright and early for my appointment with Kashmira. There is nothing to relax me more than seeing her! After my appointment I went home and ate the typical weekend breakfast and then went on a run just to get all the extra stress out, sadly the mapmyrun app didn’t work but it was the same distance as my Sunday run, just not as good of a time I don’t think.

Quick Saturday lunch of PB and Jelly and PB and Nutella

Luckily everything in Boston settled down and the girls night / engagement party could still go on. It was for the same Save-The-Date I got in the mail the other week which is my sorority sister. So most of my pledge class and I caught up from not seeing each other in awhile. We had a little table and unfortunately became quite antisocial as we were all talking and catching up with each other. Oh well there is always the showers and wedding to see other people! Dinner was very good, a family friend prepared paella, but the dessert stole the show and I got one of each. The peanut butter bars were the best and I ended up getting seconds on that one.

Sunday was more girl fun when WHO had Loo up from the Cape with her new boyfriend, sadly Jeff wasn’t there to make it the four of us but it was still great. She made brunch for us while we all chatted and then

Yes I eat dry waffles, I don’t like sweet in the morning

WHO and I went for a walk down Newbury to get shirts for the Red Sox game we were going to that night and new bras at Victoria’s Secret. A very girly afternoon indeed! As we were walking there was the destruction of the bombings on Monday to my right but beautiful flowers in bloom to my left. It was almost surreal but a great reminder that life goes on and is beautiful when you stop to appreciate the small things.

Some of my favorite types of flowers!

I went for another run on Sunday just to clear out my head and process some more, and ended up really getting a good pace down. I can’t wait to build up my miles even more.

Playlists tomorrow, the post was getting too big!

WHO and I headed to the game later on where we just continued to talk, and when it was tied up in the 9th inning I left as I was just too tired to stay awake and was going to pass out in my chair.

He was beat too!

Monday and Tuesday there isn’t much to report as I was in a meeting all day both days. Good to get the whole region together and catch up with coworkers who I normally only get to talk to on the phone, but tiring. Glad to be back to my normal routine!

The only decent meal, I got compliments on how green I made my plate

I missed you guys!

What do you do to clear your head and relax?
I either run or do yoga. When I’m on overload though I just fall asleep because I can’t deal anymore. 


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