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Stairmaster Winner!

Whoa today has been busy! I glace at the clock when I get in and then again and it is already 2. I love it when the day goes by this quickly, too bad most days aren’t like this.

Yesterday started off with another morning workout where I tried to get the gym a little earlier so I could do a taller building on the Stairmaster. I ended up having enough time to do the Petronas Towers and also get one of the best climbs of the week. I should mention that I am a very competitive person so the fact that I got to enter my initials in as a “winner” made my day. By the end of the workout though I was drenched in sweat, I don’t know why but the Stairmaster and the bike always make me sweat where something harder like running or hiking doesn’t as much.

Giddy excited when this popped up after! 
Bad picture quality but I had to keep stepping to keep the screen up

My music mix was simply picked by recommendations from my homepage, though I would never be able to run listening to half these songs, watching the videos while climbing really wasn’t that bad.

I got into work and was craving peanut butter again but this time I was beyond starving so I grabbed a bagel from the kitchen to put it on. It was such a smart move too because I didn’t eat the snacks I brought in since I was full until lunch time.

Midmorning my group had a meeting which I always dread. I’m not a huge fan of my boss and having to listen to him speak for any time longer than a few minutes puts me in the worst mood. Yesterday really pushed me over the top though, because the meeting went on and then he took something to our VP that I did and explained it wrong. This was after I asked to go in and explain it because I was pretty sure he would mess it up (not the brightest bulb). So by lunch time I was fuming and needing to get out of the office. Luckily my coworker, Sean, agreed to go to lunch with me so we went to Brother’s Deli a few miles away. I LOVED the food here. I got a tuna sandwich and they make probably some of the best tuna I’ve ever had. I absolutely inhaled the whole sandwich. I had a few fries, mostly to just eat some ketchup, as well and by that point I was ready to go back to the office.

After work I checked out a new Whole Foods in Woburn, which turned out to be huge! I loved it as the ones by me in the city are always packed with people and hardly any parking. This one was so spacious with an enormous selection. There was a huge display of strawberries when I first walked in that I couldn’t pass by and I’m so glad I didn’t. Though they aren’t summer fresh yet, they tasted so good and reminded me that warmer weather was on its way. I’m lucky I bought two as the first tub is already gone.

I was craving a cheeseburger for dinner but since I had fries for lunch I decided to be a little healthier and pair it with some broccoli. I love Whole Foods because they have a huge case of grass fed beef which made me feel a lot better about eating the burger, plus I just think it tastes better than regular prepackaged beef. I took all the food to the boyfriends house where I watched skeptically as he mixed tons of spices into the meat and heated up the grill. I’m so picky when it comes to red meat, as I don’t want any blood when I eat it, there can be juices but they have to run clear or I get freaked out and refuse to eat it the food. He ended up cooking it perfectly though and the spices weren’t that bad, I don’t think my body was ready for it though because about an hour later I had the worst stomach cramps. Looks like white meat and fish are going to be the mainstays in the diet with the occasional red meat dish.

I couldn’t get enough of the broccoli though! I steamed it and then put garlic butter and salt over the top, I probably could have eaten two more servings of it.

So happy that tomorrow is almost Friday! I hope everyone is making it through the week!

Do you have a favorite food store?
Mine by far is a farm stand, I can go there and eat almost everything raw it just tastes so good. It’s crazy too because most of the time it’s cheaper. When there are no farm stands though I would have to say Whole Foods is the close second. 


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