We Meat Again

Yesterday I woke up and went to the gym, after going Friday morning I really wanted to keep the pattern going plus I felt good the rest of the day knowing that I had already made time to work out. I find that as the day goes on more and more comes up and there is a 50% chance a workout won’t happen. I was really excited too when I got to the gym because there is a Stairmaster there that lets you virtually climb up different landmarks. I really wanted to climb Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but I didn’t have an hour to dedicate to my workout so I had to settle on the Empire State Building. You can bet I will be back though to try and take it on! The whole time I was watching Beyonce videos too on YouTube, so I was in a fantastic mood.

 I got to work after and was famished, the only think I know that takes hunger away immediately for me is peanut butter, so I cut up an apple and ate it with tons of peanut butter.

Each slice got about that much 

Lunch was also delicious as I had some leftover salmon that I threw in with a salad. Yay for leftovers again! After lunch the horrible situation in Boston happened, so the rest of the day was glued to the computer and texting friends/loved ones. I was drained by the end of the day and wanted very little thinking when it came to dinner, so I chose to make chicken parmesan. The boyfriend was being very sweet yesterday and offered to grocery shop (if I sent him a list) and cook dinner, but me being a tad controlling when it comes to food shopping and cooking wasn’t willing to let go. I can just picture him looking at my list “chicken, but all natural grass fed. Please make sure it says grass fed and not vegetarian fed that’s not the same thing and make sure it says air chilled not water chilled if possible. Eggs, please make sure they are organic free range not just organic. Etc” it would have been the first and last time he went shopping for or with me!

This came up on the way home again. Yes I was hungry but back off Taco Bell!

I did let him help with dinner though, as he wanted to make it all, I figured making it together was a good compromise. After I breaded the chicken he then put them in his deep fryer (holy crap this is going to be a battle not to get huge with this thing!) to cook them off. I made a salad and got the skillet ready for the chicken by putting a layer of sauce (sadly not homemade but I didn’t have the time or energy) and some torn basil. When the chicken came out I topped it with a small layer of sauce and chunks of fresh mozzarella. I would like to say most of the mozzarella made it into the dish, but I couldn’t stop taking bites of it while slicing. After a quick broil I put a layer of cooked pasta down and topped it with the chicken and proceeded to eat the entire bowl. Luckily he had some left over pasta so I have lunch today!

Now onto why I chose to add meat back into my diet. Originally when starting out the adventure of giving up meat I had in mind that it was going to make me healthier and be a good challenge to find other alternatives to eat. At first that is what it was, but I quickly found myself filling the gap meat left with cheese and simple carbohydrates and not nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. I then found it was a burden when going out to eat, at the Butcher Shop for girls night there was only one choice on the menu for me and when I went to Clio I stayed away from half the food because I didn’t know what it was. It became more of a “I’m not eating meat to not eat meat, than a I’m not eating meat to keep myself healthy” mentality and that wasn’t the original intent when I set out on this.

After talking a lot with WHO, who I consider an expert on food and food related matters, I decided that it should be more about the quality and quantity of the meat I am putting into my body and not simply just eliminating it. It scares me reading about all the hormones that go into meat and byproducts now days and the possible effects it has on allergies and even children when you have them, even canned food is a little iffy for me. So will I be eating chicken wings when I’m out at a bar or be buying ground meat from a regular grocery store, probably not, but I will take the time to make smart and healthy choices when it comes to what I put in my body and hopefully I can achieve more of the goal I set out to accomplish.

Do you set goals and then alter them as the intent becomes more defined or are you the type that sets them and not matter what that is what you need to accomplish? 
I use to set them and then no matter what that is what I need to accomplish, but I found that figuring out more of why the goal was set and what the real intent was is  more important to me. 


1 thought on “We Meat Again”

  1. Right back at ya – Started the whole Vegan thing thinking it would help me figure out my digestive system – which it did, but it more so helped me learn to eat clean, and respect my body by choosing better options of what I put in it, rather than just eating to eat. xo So excited to watch you grow and learn and adjust to life as it comes at you.

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