My Home

In 2002 I was a wild child packing up and leaving Miami to move to a city closer to where I grew up. A little perturbed that I would no longer be in the warm sun or going clubbing on South Beach with my friends, I was skeptical of this new city with it’s much taller buildings, darker colors and lack of stucco. I didn’t immediately fall in love with Boston, instead Boston slowly crept into my soul. A few years after the move I would find myself sighing as I saw the city come into view after being away, the peace that washed over me knowing that I was home. I soon found myself actually becoming a Bostonian, either screaming at someone for actually slowing down at a yellow light or losing my mind while watching one of my sports teams. The next thing I knew I had lived in the city for 11 years knowing how to navigate the crazy one way streets, a pie isn’t a dessert but a pizza, and wicked doesn’t mean evil.

My home was tested yesterday when a group or individual decided to bring devastation to the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately for them they didn’t know who they were messing with. While sitting at my desk watching the news coverage and texting / calling all my friends to make sure they were ok, I saw Bostonians run towards the explosions trying to get to people and help people. I saw runners who have trained for months through the elements, a few feet away from accomplishing their goals, stop and tear up their shirts to tie around people who were bleeding on the streets. I saw EMTs, Police, Fire Fighters, race officials, volunteers and medical personnel take what could have been an extremely chaotic situation and get everything under control in less than an hour. I saw the people of Boston show the world what it means to be a Bostonian.

My heart hurts for my home, for the loss that people experienced yesterday, and for the people or person who found it acceptable to do this awful act. I know my city will be fine though, they will dust themselves up and band together to become stronger. This won’t stop the marathon from happening, this won’t deter people from showing up to run the race, this won’t stop spectators from coming to cheer on their loved ones and this won’t break our city.


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