Weekend Recaps


Normally I would title the Monday post as “weekend recap” but this title fits more of how I’m feeling and what happen this weekend. Some of you have mentioned that my weekend recaps have been a little vague lately and that would be a fair statement. I recently starting hanging out with someone and for our privacy I kept it off the blog, half nervous that it was going to be like other guys I’ve hung out with and half because I wasn’t ready to fully admit how much I liked him.

I’m still going to keep a lot of it private, like his name (we can call him Mystery Man) but after this weekend I have to include him as he has become a large part of my life.

Friday night was date night with MM, where he planned a dinner he knew I would love. He took me to Clio in the Back Bay, which was absolutely the best place to bring someone who blogs about food! While looking at the menu I realized I didn’t know what half of the things were but the one thing that immediately caught my eye was scallops.

I paired it with a Syrah which was so fantastic I got two glasses.

We got a free appetizer which was pig skin with a purée I couldn’t place, almost hummus tasting, topped with a gherkin pickle.

When the entrees came out they were so pretty! MM’s even had editable flowers on it. Unfortunately he didn’t like his food that much but that made it even more sweet that he was doing it for me. After dinner we split a dessert of lemon meringue beignets which were fantastic!

In between dinner and dessert I was extremely surprised and overjoyed when he brought up the subject of officially being a couple. I was absolutely shocked, I had no idea he was even thinking about it let alone planning on talking about it at dinner. I haven’t been in an exclusive relationship for almost 8 years and couldn’t be happier. After dinner we went two blocks over so WHO could meet MM. I was giddy with excitement the whole time.

The next morning we went to the Blue Hills for a morning hike. It was perfect weather, not too hot with the sun shining. There was a cloud layer over Boston so the view if the city wasn’t as great a it normally is, but I saw two vizslas on the hike which is one of the dogs I really want, so it was pretty much a perfect hike.

Good Morning Boston

Still colorful even on a hike!
The black dots are hundreds of little bugs

After the hike we went to an Italian sub shop Il Sogno and after he ordered a mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and prosciutto sub. I knew I would be breaking my no meat rule. The sub was FANTASTIC! Although halfway through I took out the meat, it was a little too much after all the time I had taken off. More tomorrow on my decision to add meat back into my diet.

For dinner Saturday night I went to Portland Pie and got a tortellini dish that was decent. The pasta was fantastic but for some reason they drowned it in a poorly made pesto sauce, which didn’t ruin the meal but definitely made it an average meal when it could have been fantastic.

Sunday was all about the baby shower that I had helped make a diaper cake for a few weeks back. It was a very cute shower and they kept the whole present open process moving quickly which I really appreciate. I even won the “guess how big the mom’s belly is”.

 It was great to catch up with my Ocean Spray friends though and at the end we all agreed that it simply wasn’t long enough and will have to have a date night soon.

A tree made out of dum dums! 

At the shower the food was really good, I picked up some salad and eggs with two potatoes and some burnt bacon. The potatoes were great as was the salad, the eggs and bacon were just average though. (man have I missed bacon!)

Since the shower was all the way in New Bedford (about an hour away) I felt all blah after. Just sitting around and eating on a Sunday isn’t really something I enjoy, it normally puts me in a bad mood, so I went to the Boston Sports Club in Medford and it was BEAUTIFUL! It’s brand new and enormous. I wish the one close to my work was that nice but will be making my way back there again soon.

For dinner I made broiled salmon with mashed  potatoes and salad. I was a little annoyed as I was told the bones were taken out and they clearly weren’t, but it tasted very fresh. It was a tasty way to end an amazing weekend! I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend as well!

Have you ever kept anything a secret because you were afraid it would be bad luck to tell people?
When I was applying for jobs over a year ago I didn’t tell very many people when I had interviews because I was afraid it would make it so I didn’t get the job. 


4 thoughts on “Uncharted”

  1. I imagine you have kept some of it a secret as your boyfriend is an avid reader of your blog 😉 It'll be interesting to watch the relationship unfold and develop with your posts. Glad there is a man in your life who is finally treating you as you should be, and he obviously realizes how special you are to nab you right up! And you don't have to call him Mystery Man – just say, “my boyfriend.” 😀 Love you darling and glad to see you had a fantastic weekend. xo

    Do I keep anything secret? Pretty much everything! But not because of bad luck reasons… just because I like being a private person.

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