Rhythm and Pearls

Yesterday was a slow day at work. It is the calm before the storm though because in less than three weeks I’m going to be busy until around the Fourth of July. I woke up and almost flew out of bed, I haven’t woken up without being stiff or a little sore in a long time but thanks to the magic pills the doctor gave me I felt like I was in my mid 20s again. I’m becoming a fast fan of this doctor!

After work I headed over to Union Grill to watch my friend Allison and her group, Rhythm And Pearls sing.

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I’ve know Allison and her family since I was a sophomore in college when she mistakenly dialed my number and then asked if I babysat kids. I consider their family my second family an really don’t get to see them enough.

I showed up to Union 30 minutes early and was faced with a huge line!! I haven’t stood in a line like this in ages.

After 45 minutes of standing in heels and being told that we might not be able to get up there I left. I felt really bad because she has an amazing singing voice and I wanted to see her perform, I guess I’ll have to wait for the next one though and get there over an hour early. Who would have guessed I knew someone so popular!

I then went and grabbed some sushi for dinner, because one of my girlfriends had invited me out for sushi while I was in line and I got a massive craving, and topped that off with a few Oreo’s for dessert. My grandfather use to love sweets but Oreo’s were one of his favorites and I think I inherited that trait from him.

I woke up this morning and went for a run at the gym, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the gym or run tonight. I haven’t done anything since Monday so it was very needed. I just did a quick 5k because I HATE waking up early so I didn’t have much time. I had all new songs though which made the run go by a lot faster!

Got a little crazy with the flower icons! 

I am very excited for the weekend, hopefully the crummy weather we are having will pass too!

Have you ever been surprised at a crowd turnout?
Besides last night I am always shocked about the lines at some bars like one in Boston called Revolution Rock. It’s just an ordinary bar, go somewhere else! 


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