The Butcher Shop

Yesterday my whole morning and afternoon was off. I couldn’t stop thinking about my doctors appointment and when it came time to finally leave for it I almost passed out. When I got to the doctors office it wasn’t any better. I walked in and felt like the youngest person there by about 40 years. The whole time I was thinking “see this has to be wrong everyone is so much older than you.” Then I saw a young athletic girl in the waiting area, “oh $hit” is the only thing that crossed my mind. Then I was paranoid they were going to tell me I needed to loose weight to fix it, yah like I’m not trying to do that already!

There was good news first, I have amazing blood pressure and I’m 5’4″ not 5’3″ like I believed I was.  Apparently if you get over the half inch mark they round up! Then more good news came when I found out I didn’t have RA or Lime disease. Eventually he said he thinks it is just a trauma from running too much that is just inflamed. I have a prescription for Naproxen for two weeks and he thinks it will be gone by then. I couldn’t be more relieved. I really could have hugged the doctor, but since he had just seen me in my hospital gown I thought that might be a little over the line.

I then headed to CVS to pick up the prescription as well as a few other goodies, I really shouldn’t be allowed in that store! Then to the bank to get quarters for laundry and home quickly to change for my girls night out.

Should last a few months!

On my drive there the GPS add popped up for Taco Bell, I adore Taco Bell more than the next person but 40 minutes out of my way is a little excessive to stop for a taco.

We decided to go to The Butcher Shop in the South End for dinner and it was really amazing. I got there before my two other girl friends so I snapped some pictures of the menus and meat locker while talking to waiter for awhile about the restaurant. Apparently someone hand writes the specials menu once a week, and every ingredient they use they track exactly where it comes from. He then suggested a glass of Jimenez-Landi Mentrida which is a Shiraz type wine for the central area of Spain. It was fantastic, and when the ladies arrived we ended up ordering a whole bottle.

We then asked him to pick some meats and cheese for our first course, I didn’t eat the meat but my friends raved about it. The cheese was phenomenal  except for the last one I tried that tasted like pool water, I guess I can’t eat all cheese like I thought I could. The also had bread with vinegar butter and honey, I think I had about five pieces of it as bread and honey are some of my favorite combinations.

More please! 

For the main course one of my girlfriends and I got Gouda Cappellacci that had cauliflower and shaved truffles  It was so fantastic I ate every last morsel on the plate. I think cauliflower is probably my second or third favorite vegetable too, I really need to incorporate it more into my diet. My other girlfriend got a pasta bolognese which she said was fantastic as well.

Huge truffle pieces!

Dessert was the weak part of the dish, the menu said there was cheese cake with blood orange so we were thinking a slice of cheese cake with an orange sauce over the top. What actually came out though was something like a custard with a jello taste. The mousse was pretty good though so it made up for the disappointing cheesecake.

The end of the night got a little more exciting as one of my girlfriends threw her napkin over the candle by mistake… oops!

I can’t wait for next girls night!

Even he is beat from a long day!

Do you ever overplay things in your head?
I always do, from the doctors appointment  to confrontations or even relationships. I always expect the worst to happen. 


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