Stupid Tricky Meat

Gosh this morning was so hard to get out of bed! Even the little man wasn’t having it.

The day started off alright yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary and then I ate lunch. I grabbed what I thought was a tuna wrap since the office ordered lunch and bit into a chicken salad sandwich. I was so pissed and sad at the same time. I had just gone four months and to have the streak broken by a stupid/gross office sandwich was awful. My coworker was eating with me and saw the look on my face the second I started chewing and he knew what had happen.

I know it wasn’t a choice I made but I was really upset for awhile since it is such a hard challenge for me sometimes. WHO reassured me that it isn’t because I gave in, it was because I didn’t know and I haven’t failed. I still felt like I had though and was pretty bummed out.

I couldn’t go for a run last night either as my foot was hurting from skiing all weekend and then running on Monday Although I’m very nervous for my doctor’s appointment today to figure out what is wrong, I’m also relieved that I can start on the process of healing and not having to wonder anymore.

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out lately what I want for dinner as well, nothing sounds overly appealing to me besides take-out but that is a sure way to gain tons of weight quickly. Since I haven’t been grocery shopping in a few weeks though I got Chipolte for dinner. While on my way there I was very tempted to just get the usual burrito I always got before I gave up meat which included steak, but that would have been my choice and giving in not an accident so instead I just got rice and vegetables.

Image from http://www.chipolte.com

I wish I was better at remembering to take pictures because this thing was so large it could stand up by itself, I think I went overboard on the rice! I ate it all though and then was so full I had to lay down on the floor to digest my food. This is something that I do from time to time, and I don’t know why but laying down on a hard floor always makes me feel better, odd I know. Getting no meat in the burrito though really made me feel better about how I’m making choices to try and improve my diet, and in all honesty I think it tasted better because I could taste the corn and cheese more. When I use to be in weight watchers they had a saying “if you slipped down a step you wouldn’t then throw yourself down the whole staircase”. This basically means that yes you are going to mess up, whether it is in your control or not, but there is no need to make it worse. Instead just brush yourself off and move along.

Are there times when you’ve said “Screw it I blew it” and just made things worse?
There have been plenty of times in my life where I have done this. Eating, relationships, school work etc. Eating is probably the worst though, I am very susceptible to just go off the deep end if I don’t eat healthy. 


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