Back on the Wagon

It’s so hard to get back into the groove of things when you have been gone for a weekend and out of your normal routine. Yesterday the thought of eating healthy and exercising had zero appeal to me, but the thought of not fitting into my clothes had less appeal so I got back on the wagon. I started my morning with one of my favorite yogurts and drank tons of fluids throughout the day to try to get my body hydrated from the weekend and ready to run that night. It must have worked too because I had a fantastic run.

Yummy Breakfast! 

I started off slow, but the thing I love about the MapMyRun app is it lets you know your pace every mile. So when the thing chimed in at mile one telling me I was running a 10 minute 12 second pace I knew it was time to kick it up a little. It was funny because when I got the results at mile two I said “aww yeah” out loud, as if the people running around me didn’t already think I was weird for lip-synching all the songs. I was pleased with my pace by the end of the run and the music mix definitely helped, although I’m getting desperate for new songs.

Not running through the reservoir this time!

After my run I spent about an hour picking up the disaster my apartment was since I didn’t unpack from the weekend away and hadn’t vacuumed in over a week. When that was done I reheated leftovers from Sunday night. It was probably one of the best subs I’ve had, and it was enormous, the picture is only half the sub and it completely filled me up even after a run. Until recently I had never tried eggplant parmesan because I always just went for the chicken one, but since I haven’t been eating meat I’ve expanded the things I try and I found that I actually really love eggplant parmesan. You can’t even taste that it is a vegetable because of all the frying. Not saying it is healthy but it sure is delicious!

I was also very excited because I received a Save-The-Date from two of my best friends. I absolutely love it too, although it was suppose to have a picture of them, but she got bit by a dog a week before the photo shoot, I love the Boston sky line though and cannot wait for the wedding!

Do you do embarrassing things when you work out?
I always lip-synch to songs, or even sometimes forget I’m not alone and just sing them out loud. 


1 thought on “Back on the Wagon”

  1. Yay! I got the same card too 🙂 Excited I get to see you all dressed up. Watch the Yoplait 100 Cal – fake sugar in the ingredient list. Go for something more natural like Chobani Peach or Fage plain and add your own fruit.

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