Girls Go Painting

There are certain things you need in life, if you ever went through a basic marketing class in college the stages are outlined by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but the premise is that as the needs go up the pyramid the more self actualizing they become with the beginning being things like food, water, air etc. I would probably put my girlfriends at this level as well. I know that sounds extreme and semi corny but hear me out, I love my family and I’ve even fallen in love with boyfriends, but there is nothing like a conversation with your girlfriends who completely understand you and accept you. They aren’t afraid to challenge the way I think, and let me know when I have gone too far or haven’t given enough. I grow so much from the love my girlfriends give me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their help in molding me.

This year one of my new year’s resolutions was to make more time for the women in my life. It didn’t have to be through going to events or even hanging out, but through more conversations and staying more present in each other’s lives. This has lead to amazing dinner dates, walks along the Charles River, long email chains or text chains, and official girls night out. When I saw a deal for an Art Bar painting class I roped 5 of my other girlfriends in for a night of drinking and painting.


All in all I had an amazing time, I don’t think it was an activity that was my style though because my attention span is probably 2 hours shorter than the class was and I’m not very artistic at all. I started off fine, but the longer it went the more bored with listening to the instructor I got so I started to chat with my friends. One of my girl friends was also maxed out so she and I snacked and drank. The instructor was great though and very patient and I had a great time seeing all my ladies, but we agreed next week dinner sounded so much better!

Clearly we excel in the snack department
Love my ladies

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I’m off to probably my last ski trip of the year, hopefully some great pictures on Monday!

What is one thing you couldn’t live without that isn’t essential to make the body run?
By far the ladies in my life, I can’t say this enough they are the foundation on how I build myself. 

Step By Step Transformation


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