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Insatiable Appetite

Finally feeling 100% better and yesterday I was STARVING!  I skipped coffee that morning because I have a sneaky suspicion that the kind I got is a little too hard on my stomach and has been the reason I don’t feel that well. Instead I made one of my favorite drinks inspired from Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea

 (wow what a name!) I am not sure if the proportions are the same or if I’m missing key ingredients but it tastes very similar and I can make it every morning with less than 20 calories per 24oz so I love it. All it takes is two cups of brewed tea, one teabag per cup to get optimal flavor, and one cup of Minute Maid Light Iced Tea. If you brew and then mix while still hot it takes a lot of ice so I try to have a few cups of brewed tea in the fridge ready. You can make it while you get ready in the morning though as I sometimes do. It’s so refreshing and a great thing to sip on while on my way to work, it also makes so much that I have some until the mid morning.

For lunch the office ordered from Panera, which I absolutely love. My favorite sandwich they make is a tomato and mozzarella sandwich but they don’t make that for catering so I always settle on the Tuna or the Mediterranean sandwich. I think I could have eaten four though, as I inhaled the sandwich then the chips then a cookie and still feeling a tad hungry. It was definitely great to be feeling good again. Which also meant I could run last night!

I didn’t do as great of a pace as I had been doing previously before I didn’t feel well, but I think a few days back and I will be where I was last week. I read somewhere that for every day you take off you lose two days of training. I am also in dire need of some new running songs, although the mix was good it didn’t get me excited like new mixes always do.

After running I quickly showered and then went out for pizza. I love pizza and since I was starving all day nothing sounded better. It was a small hole-in-the-wall type place in East Boston (sadly I don’t even know the name) but it was so good. I felt like I was back in Spain with the atmosphere too, everyone knew everyone coming in and every dish that came past the table smelled amazing. People eating weren’t rushing through their meals and the atmosphere was so laid back there wasn’t even menus on the table. The food was so good that I forgot to take a picture until my second piece! I ordered mushroom and thought they got it wrong when it was brought out, but they put the toppings under the cheese. I wouldn’t say I like that more or less, but they clearly know what they are doing because it was fantastic.

Looking at it makes me hungry again!

When I got home and was getting ready for bed I noticed that the little guy was quite enamored with himself in the mirror. Those laps around the apartment must really be paying off!

What’s your favorite pizza topping?
Before I gave up meat it was bacon and mushrooms. Now I just go mushrooms and sometimes fried eggplant.


1 thought on “Insatiable Appetite”

  1. Love the song list! Reminds me I need to make a new one for my runs.

    As the weather warms up – you might consider swapping out the MM Light 15 cal for your own lemon juice, water and simple syrup mixture. The MML contains HFCS as well as aspartame – double whammy (processed sugar & fake sugar to mess with your brain).. You know how I feel about those fake sugars! 🙂

    And… you have me drooling over the pizza. Man I miss cheese. And I love Mr. Handsome checkin' himself out in the mirror – what a cutie!

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