Book Review

Waking Up Married

Yesterday was not only a Monday after a long weekend but I also felt sick for most of the day. Not a great way to start off the week at all, the one plus side was there was a rainbow outside my office window in the afternoon. It’s hard to see it from the picture but it was a nice way to end the work day!

At home I cleaned my apartment a little then ate a bland dinner of couscous since I was still feeling sick. Even the glass of chocolate milk I couldn’t finish which is when I knew I really wasn’t feeling well!

A few weeks ago I went to the girls night out and in the goody bag there were two books. I read the first one, and went to start on the second one and realized that I just couldn’t do two similar books in a row since the first one I think I actually got dumber reading. I will make another book review though, and try to keep the negative comments to a minimum.

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Waking Up Married was one of the worst…opps that didn’t last long! In all seriousness, when looking up the author Mira Lyn Kelly you can see that she tends to stick to the Romantic Fiction genre of writing and in fairness the book I was reading was being offered for free on Amazon and on her website. This book was yet another Romantic Fiction novel to add to her repertoire although hopefully her other ones have more depth than this one. The characters are flat at best and the story is so typical and has been written so many times that two pages into the book I knew how it was going to end.

The best way to describe the novel without giving away any spoilers (if you can even say there are any) is to take a PG rated version of the first “50 Shades of Grey” book  strip out all the back story of the characters  so you are left with knowing very little about the two main characters and making the drama between the two bland at best. The book is about a character, Megan, who wakes up during a trip to Vegas and realized she is married to a very attractive and very rich guy named Connor. She thinks it was a drunken mistake, he doesn’t want to end the marriage because he actually wanted to marry this girl he knew for all of 6 hours. The story then proceeds from there of Connor trying to win Megan over while hiding a large secret he doesn’t want her to find out.

A little over 100 pages later the secret is revealed, true to the whole story the secret is bland and in all honesty if the girl was willing to stay married to someone she didn’t know after a drunken night, it shouldn’t have dissuaded her any as her sense of what is normally acceptable is off. The book ends exactly as I expected it to.

I just started reading Stephen King’s “11/22/63” and although I’m only 35 pages into it I can tell this book is much better than the previous two I have read. I’m also still reading book four of A Song of Ice and Fire, but I am finding it hard to watch Game of Thrones knowing what is going to happen in the next season so I might stop.

What is your favorite book or series of books?
As typical and dorky as it sounds I loved the Harry Potter books. I’ve never liked a book enough to read it again though.


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