Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

I absolutely love long weekends, but the Sunday after a long weekend it is always so hard to prepare yourself to go to work the next day. It’s even harder after I’ve been away all weekend, I feel like I have so much to do around the apartment still, yet have no time to do it.

My weekend kicked off with an office happy hour. I initially went with the intentions of having a drink and then going home and running / packing for the weekend. The next thing I knew it was 10, but I did get to talk to some co workers who I don’t talk with at work at all and found out we have a lot more in common that I previously thought. Just goes to show you, that judging people without knowing them gets you nowhere.

I love Bass on draught! 

Friday I got up and packed for the weekend then headed out to my dad’s place. By the time I got there I was starving since I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, I made a quick snack though since I knew we were going to have a huge dinner. Seriously I could eat anything if it had peanut butter on it I think!

The blueberry jelly was so good I could eat it with a spoon

Buddies for the weekend

Before leaving Boston I stopped and picked up some fresh swordfish and muscles for dinner, I knew that my dad was going to have a hard time grasping that I didn’t eat meat so I wanted to fend off any questions or uncomfortable conversations by just picking up something I would eat. It semi worked but I still got the “you can eat poultry, you’ll be fine” comments from both him and my mom’s wife. Yup, I can, I could eat a pound of bacon right now if I wanted to as well, I’m just choosing not to. Dinner was fantastic though, my dad is such an amazing cook and by the time I put my fork down I could hardly move.

Dad loves garlic as much as I do
So good but so much I could only eat half

Saturday he and I headed up to ski, which I haven’t been with him in a few years. There comes a point when you realize your parents are getting old and I think I had that point this weekend skiing with my dad. This was a man who taught me how to ski, who always was ahead of me and was overall a better skier than I was. He skied out of bounds out west and then did Tuckerman’s the same year, but on Saturday it was all green and blue trails and most of the time I was the one who was ahead of him. One run I even went to the side and did moguls, if you remember how much I love moguls, just so he could go at his own pace and not feel rushed by me.

Beautiful view 
Mini mogul trail

I think we only did 7 runs and then called it a day, according to the ski app I downloaded I only did 4 runs but went over 7 miles, I can guarantee each trial we did wasn’t almost two miles though.

After skiing I went over to my mom’s to dye eggs. Yes I’m 30 years old, but apparently I’m still young enough to dye eggs with her, which when I found out we didn’t own any crayons you would have thought I was three years old. Luckily my uncle had some so he brought them over and I got to make my spotted egg I wanted to make. I also tried to make my brother a basketball…I’m not an artist and it turned out looking like a two year old tried to make him a basketball.

I love my spotted Egg

After dinner and dessert, dessert was cheesecake which is my all time favorite and this one had great flavor but it was way too creamy for my liking I would prefer them with a little push back when you touch them, we played a game that I kept losing at. I hate losing so after two rounds I was done with games for the night.

At least I wasn’t yellow!
Moms dog

Cheese Cake

Sunday I woke up and went for a run, which I kept my splits under 10 minute miles again, then went to church with my mom, Bridge and my brother. I refuse to speak poorly of any sort of worshiping, but the best part of that experience was the 45 minutes of jokes my brother and I were making to each other after. I’m a, for the most part, non practicing Catholic so this was definitely a little out of my comfort zone.

After lunch I headed back to my dad’s where I went through a ton of boxes that he had of my stuff and showed him what he could donate and what I wanted to keep and then in the late afternoon I headed home. The little kit kat had a long weekend playing and running around so he stayed asleep the full hour and 45 min ride home.

Passed out!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with your favorite candy and memories with your family!

What’s your favorite Easter treat?
Mine by far are Cadbury Eggs the original kind. As gross as that sounds I love them! 


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