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Suprise Visit

Yesterday started off like any ordinary day and then around 2:00 I got a message from my friend asking if I wanted to watch the Bruins game together. I hadn’t seen her since before Christmas so I was more than excited to hang out and the rest of the day dragged on until it was time to go. I was planning on going for a quick run before she came over, but I didn’t get out of work until almost 6:30 so that had to be taken off the plate. I quickly swung by the liquor store to pick up some beer I had last weekend that was fantastic and went home to meet her.

She was a sweetheart and brought over Chinese food and we watched the game. Although I don’t think we should be allowed to watch the games together as we feed off each other and were both screaming at the TV at the end. Too bad that game didn’t go as well as our girls night though.

Looks gross but tastes so good! 

Every since I started to work at AB I have been trying new flavors and styles of beers and starting to realize my pallet expands beyond whatever light beer was on tap. I’m still a rookie at best when it comes to picking out beers, and often have to ask my coworkers if I would like a beer or not, but have found a lot of new ones that I would have never thought of trying before and they are actually my favorites. Kona Big Wave is probably in my top five favorites, with a peachy tropical taste but paired perfectly with enough hops so the bitter and the sweet balance each other out. I do not like hoppy beers and I do not like sweet beers, but this one is a perfect balance.

Bruins and Beers. A perfect night! 

What’s your favorite drink?
My all time favorite is probably milk. As gross as that sounds, even to me, I grew up always having to have a huge glass of milk with all my meals so it is almost comfort food to me. 


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