Yay For Fast Monday’s

Yesterday went by very quickly, I had a lot of loose ends to finish at work and we were doing an office team building at the Bruins game. I tried to get up and run yesterday morning to get some sort of exercise in since I would be going straight from work to the game, but when the alarm went off a 5:00 am I promptly turned on the other alarm and went back to bed until 6:30. I am really the worst when it comes to morning work outs, which is weird because the morning is my favorite time to actually work out once I get out there. Two years ago I went on a kick where I ran almost every morning, I even got up one Christmas morning at 5 to run and it was beautiful with all the houses lit up and the trees still on from Santa being there. Sadly I just can’t do it most mornings and miss out, perhaps that will start to change though as I consider sleeping in waking up around 9:30/10 where a few years ago it would be around 1 in the afternoon.
I tried to eat healthy during the day since I knew I wouldn’t at the game, so I packed some spinach pizza bites I made the night before (pictures and recipe tomorrow) and had a yogurt for breakfast, which I know paid off because I was down this week in weight compared to last week (Yes WHO I’m only weighing myself once a week now, no need to take the scale away from me!) and I actually wasn’t that bad at the game because most of the choices were some sort of meat, so I had rice, veggies and a slice of pizza. I did get a ton of honey mustard dressing for the veggies to dip in so that mitigates them being healthy, but it could have been a lot worse!
I love the Bruins, I love them winning and I absolutely lose my mind when they win in shoot outs! So I was very lucky last night when work took me to the game and I got to see them beat the Maple Leafs. We had awesome seats and it was such a good time, the only slight downside was that it took me over an hour to get out of a four story garage. I learned my lesson about parking right next to the arena though, next time I’ll take the five or ten minute walk and get home 40 minutes earlier. I was sad my dad couldn’t make the game with me since I love taking him to at least one game a year and this year might be hard due to the fact they didn’t play until January.
Another thing I absolutely love is hearing great news from friends! For my best friends, when they have good news I’m genuinely happy for them and it just makes my day brighter. So getting an email last night that a friend had a new boyfriend was FANTASTIC. I felt like I might have gotten one too I was so happy for her, because no one deserves to be happy more than this girl, she gives and puts everyone ahead of herself sometimes even to her own detriment. I hope he is treating her amazing because she truly deserves it. Then I get an email this morning from a friend who has started her own photography business and she is doing really well, to the point where she hardly has free days. This makes me smile because two years ago her NYE resolution was to start this business and she has actually done it and is now successful. So if anyone in the Metro NY area needs a photographer please let me know! 

What time do you like to work out?
Like I said, morning is my absolute favorite but I just can’t get out there. Night is the second time I like to work out. I cannot do during the day though. 

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