Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

What a relaxing weekend, I really needed that after the past few weekends of skiing and traveling. Although the weather was beautiful both days and I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t out on the slopes, but I think I’ll make a push and ski for the next three weekends to end the season.
Friday started after work with my first long run since November when I started to have foot issues. I did 5 miles on the treadmill, I started off on one treadmill though with my warmup and then when I started running realized that the whole machine shook because it wasn’t level so I switched machines and only did 4.8 Yes, I could have done the full 5 on the new one as 0.2 miles isn’t huge…but I was being a little lazy. 

I then went home, made a quick dinner of a new soup, it was a roasted red pepper soup which I won’t get again because the taste isn’t that great and it has way too much fat in it. 
That little serving had 15 grams of fat in it!
My shoe as an comparison to show how large!

After dinner I went to meet my friend at the movies. Normally this friend picks some pretty decent movies, I saw Zero Dark Thirty with him and LOVED it and Gangster Squad which was a lot better than I was expecting it to be. After getting the largest popcorn (seriously do people really eat all of this?!) and going in, I asked him what it was going to be about and he described it as “Girls who go on spring break, get kidnapped and are forced into prostitution”. Wait what? I hate those kinds of movies they are always horrible written and have even worse actors. Well my friends, I would have rather seen that movie than the one we actually saw. There was no kidnapping (I have no clue where he got that from) there was just two hours of James Franco being weird saying “Spring Break” creepily while a mixture of Girls Gone Wild and Spun played in the background. Spring Breakers was horrible and my friend isn’t getting his money for the movie ticket because I can’t get those two hours of my life back. I was actually angry when I left the theater, and more furious to see that it actually had gotten some decent ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. I guess I won’t be trusting that site again.

Saturday started off with my typical weekend breakfast and another run, although not as far this time, a much faster pace than my 5 mile run.
Map my run is an awesome app!

I quickly showered and went over to Sean’s house so he could put on my cars roof racks. I’m so thankful since the dealer was going to charge me about $100 to put them on!! Sadly the ski racks I had gotten don’t fit so I need to sell those and then get ones that were made for the mini. Little bummed, but hopefully I can find some good looking ones instead of the ones that Mini actually makes. I would have taken a picture of Sean’s awesome work, but my car needs a bath in the worse way so I’m too embarrassed to show it.
After getting back home WHO came over for a date night as well as a brain storming, which is where Ashley Unfiltered was born!! 

Free flow of words that describe me and things I like 
It took us less than an hour to come up with the name, and it really suits who I am well. I have zero filter when hanging out with my friends and family, and my thought process is all over the place. One second I might be talking about buying kilts and then five seconds later I’m talking about my dad’s favorite pizza (no that isn’t a random example it was an actual conversation on the way home from skiing last weekend) The rest of the evening was spent watching all my favorite TV shows from the week, eating Indian food and trying to come up with a new blog name for her. It was really great to get some one on one time with her since all the times we have spent together in the last few months were with groups of people.
Paneer Tikka. Way too dry, so I won’t get again
Vegetable Samosa’s were so good!

Sign of a good girls night! 

Sunday I got up and went to see my friend who is a old coworker and her two princesses. I got there and immediately was shown Bella’s (the oldest) “super awesome” stompies

The eyes shoot up when she walks

While her baby sister was waking up from a nap, I helped Miss Bella get dressed and then we all headed out to lunch and a Target trip. (I think there is a theme of me and my friends kids going to Target) We had to get some things for our friends baby shower though so while we were there I couldn’t help but get another big pink ball. 

I think Target is seeing a bump in sales of these things due to me, because I haven’t seen anyone else buy them! Back at my friends house we then assembled the diaper cake and onesie cupcakes to go with the other gifts we are getting her. I am not the brain child behind these ideas, but I did help make them.

How freakin cute!?

Sunday night was spent finishing the wine from Saturday as well as cooking pizza bites for lunch this week and trying to make bread. It is still rising as we speak but I feel a fail coming on. Dinner was leftovers followed by ice cream with grapenuts mixed in. It may sound gross but it is amazing!

Love these huge glasess! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Have you ever left a movie in the middle of it for being so bad?
I would have this weekend if I wasn’t with my friend, but I did leave Eyes Wide Shut. I hate sitting through bad movies!! 

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