Girls Night Out

I can’t complain about this week though because it didn’t drag on like some weeks tend to do, but I sure love Friday’s even more now at my new job because it is free bagel Friday! Today I had mine with butter and honey, which is much better tasting than cream cheese in my opinion. I would rather peanut butter, but I can’t control how much I put on and normally make it a million calorie bagel when I do that. 
By the time I posted this, that top half was gone! 

It is also the start of March Madness which I love. Weird because I am not a huge basketball fan, but I love filling out the brackets and beating most of my guy friends who are huge basketball fans…did I mention I love winning? I also think the week went by quickly because I had a girls night planned for last night which always helps break up the usual routines of the week. Last year one of my girlfriends and I went to Shecky’s girls night out and I loved it, the goodie bag comes stuffed with great samples like full packets of hair elastics and Soft Lips Lip Balm. This year we roped in WHO to come as well to make it an even larger girls night!
There weren’t as many makeup and product vendors as last time, which was kind of a bummer because I am a sucker for new products, but there were a lot of jewelry and scarves displayed which was great because I love both. There was one scarf I loved which was navy and coral with white stripes but she was charging way too much for it, so I’ll just find one at TJX or get a navy and white shirt and pair a coral scarf with it. I also looked this morning while getting dressed and I might actually have too many scarves. I need some sort of way to display them so I can see them all. (I also need this for my nail polish!)
I did get distracted by a very sparkly booth though, which had tons of jewelry displayed. The name of the company is called Sparkle! Sparkle! Boston!, and they sure live up to their name. They had large stud earrings which I adore when I’m not wearing my white topaz ones and they had some fantastic colors. WHO found two that we perfect for me so I got them, the first is a color I call Tinkerbelle green and the second is a periwinkle blue. The pictures don’t really capture the shimmer and the soft colors that they are.
Tinkerbelle Green
How Cute is the box they came in?!
Across the isle from this stand was another one that had bright color rubber watches. I have a pink rubber watch that was $15 and I love it so I went to see the different colors that this lady was displaying. She then informed me that all her watches were only $10 which got me very excited, because who doesn’t love a deal,  and I then found the perfect mint green watch to add to my collection.
I don’t think my friends found anything that they wanted, but it was a great hour to get out and just chat with the girls. Plus I have a date night tomorrow with WHO so it was almost like a teaser for a real hang out. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!
Do you try to plan “date nights” or as my guy friends say “broing out” with your friends?
I always try to get together with my girlfriends, I’ve been bad about it in the past though so this year I’m really trying to stay connected more with the women in my life.

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