115 Calorie Milkshake

Yesterday started off very snowy! So snowy in fact we got let go around 3:30 from work. I always laugh that they make you come in when it is awful out then send you out when it starts to get worse. Oh well, I made it home safe and sound with some extra time to do the laundry that had been piling up. I did skip the gym though since I was concerned about the conditions getting worse, the little Mini Cooper doesn’t do snow as well as other cars.
Breakfast started out with Peanut Butter Cup overnight oats, recipe to come soon, which is amazing since I use to suffer to eat oatmeal but now I LOVE it. I think because they are cold and not hot I like it a lot more, it doesn’t have the mushy texture.
Snacks today were some huge grapes I found at Shaw’s, normally grapes these size have pits so I was excited to find ones without. I also cut up a cucumber with some vinegar and S&P, my friends wife ate this on Sunday and it looked so good so I bought a bunch of cucumbers when I went grocery shopping, such a fresh taste!

Lunch was a meatless Sheppard’s Pie, which I have to work on a little, I think next time I’ll try them with some soy crumbles for the texture. This time I used some mushrooms and eggplant as the “meat” portion and although the taste is there the texture is not so more work before I post that recipe.
Dinner was a salad with my salad dressing I make topped with some cooked couscous and an egg and then had a grape popsicle for dessert. Grape is by far my favorite and I have a hard time sharing them, all the other ones are free game though.
A very veggie packed day, but now on to the milkshake recipe!
As you recall this was dinner on Sunday. For a small 115 calories per serving it is a fantastic dessert!
You will need:
·         6 Ice Cubes
·         1 Cup Skim Milk
·         1/2  Cup Reduced Fat Ice Cream (I used Eddy’s Slow Churned to get the 115 calorie count, if you use other flavors though makes sure to adjust the nutritionals)
·         1 TB Lite Hershey’s Syrup
·         1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Start off by putting the 6 ice cubes in the blender with about half of the milk and blending until thick and shake like. After you have blended down the ice add the rest of the milk, ice cream, syrup and vanilla extract and blend until everything is fully incorporated. This makes two servings so split between two glasses or just have them both for yourself as I did!

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream or milkshake?
My favorite kind of ice cream is GoodBye Yellow Brickle Road, but they discontinued it, so anything with lots of chunks in it. My favorite milkshake is chocolate and vanilla mixed. 

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