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I woke up this morning to another 6 inches on the ground. Normally I would go out of my mind, but I really want to get some more ski days in so I’m actually sort of excited. You could tell most people weren’t though with the angry drivers on the road and the haggard looking people walking along side of it. Summer will be here soon though and they will be complaining that it is too hot!
And still snowing! So pretty
So I decided I’m going to do a monthly post of new products or things that I love / hate. I have only love this post though!
The first product is actually something I found last year, it’s called Lapiz of Luxury by Essie. I had a Groupon to a nail salon where the lady had this color, and I spent the rest of the summer trying to find it. It is such a pretty periwinkle blue and it looks really nice with a very light coat of sparkles over it. Well a few weeks ago I wasn’t having the best week and I came into work one day and found this on my desk from a coworker. She knew that I was trying to find it last year and had seen it in CVS so she picked it up for me. It was so kind and unexpected, I was really touched. That night I did my nails in the color and was pleased to find I loved it as much as I remember.

Greek 100 by Yoplait. I know I’ve mentioned this product before, but I really really love it! I haven’t found a flavor that hasn’t been amazing and dessert tasting, and it only has 100 calories so it is lower than all the other good tasting greek yogurts out there. It isn’t all natural so if you only eat natural products this won’t be for you, but it is such a great snack before the gym or to tide you over from breakfast to lunch. My favorite is the cherry one, but I only have a shot of my vanilla one. The vanilla one though can be frozen and double as ice cream.
My new infinity scarves made by my cousin Haley. She had such a fast turn around and that was after I asked her for special colors (of course I had to have pink!) They arrived in different color tissue wrapped with ribbons which were so cute, totally made my day when I came home to these in the mail box.
So cute! Under the thank you was actually a card too
Blue one
Pink one
Lastly my new Kindle and wireless router. Last August while I was in Maine I took my kindle out of my bag and half the screen was gray. I was so upset because I had brought nothing else to read on vacation and the only books available were the kind you find in the grocery store with some Fabio guy on the cover. Luckily my younger brother informed me that I could down load the Kindle app on my iPhone so I was set for vacation. Then I just couldn’t justify getting one if I could read on my phone, but the small screen is kind of obnoxious and when I take it to the beach this summer I don’t want my phone out and risk dropping it in the sand or getting it all wet, and since I’m such a klutz both of those are very real possibilities. So with some of my birthday money I decided a few weeks ago to get a new one, not anything fancy just the one to read my books on, and I am loving it. I also (here comes the frugal old lady comments) have never gotten a wireless router. I just hook my computer up to the modem when I use it, but I hardly use it at home since I am on the computer all day. But it is really embarrassing to go over to friends houses to down load your books since the Kindle only uses wireless so I bought one. I can’t even say I splurged because I believe this was less than $20. The thing I am proud of though is even with the incorrect instructions given to me in the box I was able to set this thing up. You can picture my horror though of seeing model #78541 on the instructions when I was holding something with all letters. Yay for not being completely over the hill yet!!
How can you not be happy when you see this package waiting for you?!

Reading the 4th book of A Fest for Crows
Yes my desk is super messy

What are some new products that you love?
Besides this months, I always love when I get a new kind of shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. 

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