Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

I can’t believe it’s Monday already, it’s so cliché but weekends really do fly by. For a St. Patrick’s day weekend in Boston I managed to keep it very low key, starting with dinner on Friday with two of my girls. We went to Toscano in Beacon Hill, and the food there was very good. I think the best was their truffle honey cheese plate we got for an appetizer. I again forgot to take pictures until dessert, but here is the flourless chocolate cake we all shared to finish our red wine. It tasted exactly like the orange chocolate balls you get around Christmas.

Walk back to the T through the park
Make Way For Ducklings all had cute St. Patrick’s day collars on!! 
The next morning was another ski day, this time back up to Killington where conditions were decent but a little icy. I wasn’t expecting it to be as cold as it was since last weekend I was skiing with 50 degree weather and blue skies. I really love Killington though, so hopefully I can make it up once more before the season is over! On the way home I had the biggest craving for Ramen noodles, which is odd because I haven’t had / thought about those for years, so I swung by and got some. I have to admit they weren’t as good as I remembered them being and I don’t think I’ll have a craving for another couple years.
View from the top
I chickend out on Devil’s Fiddle and did Outer Limits twice
Just relaxing!
After moguls… dead! 
Such a beautiful view! 
Doesn’t even look good! 
Sunday was St. Patrick’s day so I made breakfast and added a little green to it with some kiwi’s. Then went to visit my friend and his baby who has grown so much since the last time I saw her! I spent the whole day playing with her, including this trip to target where we got her a new ball. 

Typical weekend breakfast of toast and poached eggs
The ball is as big as she is!! 
As I was driving home I was trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner, all I could come up with was a milk shake, so I went to the store to get stuff to make one. I managed to make one that is about 115 per serving only I drank both for the full 230. Recipe to come tomorrow!! I hope everyone else had a wonderful St. Patrick’s day weekend!!
So good! 

Do you ever get random out-of-the-blue cravings?

I obviously always do as I had two this weekend. My strangest one would have to be banana flavored baby food though, I got that one time in college. 

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