Staying on Track

It is so hard to eat healthy and balanced while traveling and sometimes I believe with my company it is even harder. I work at Anheuser-Busch and it is a lot of meals at places that serve our products. Most of the time that means bars or lounges. I’m also of the mindset that when you go out to eat you get something special not a side salad. This is something that I will need to work on as it is very hard to come back into the folds of everyday life after I have been eating “treats” for a few days.
So Tuesday night before I traveled for work I went to the gym and went running for the first time in a long time. It was amazing, I felt so great after I got off the treadmill. Almost like I was doing a real workout even though I know that is silly and all workouts are real. I was only a minute off my old pace too which I thought was fantastic for taking almost three months off. Then I headed home to pack and get some dinner. I was so tempted to order out but I wanted to get rid of some leftovers before I was gone so I took a half of an avocado and mixed it in with the rest of my rice from Sunday night. It was really great, and felt like I was eating “junk” food, it is meals like this that I need to remember when I just want to eat fries or pizza or other real junk.

I also had some dessert, since it is eater and my favorite candies are out right now, I picked up these peeps at Target last time I was there. They are so awesome, they are their special anniversary peeps and they have a sugar cookie / vanilla frosting taste and are so cute with their glitter on top. I love these things and am lucky they only come in packs of three!
After dinner I made breakfast since I knew the morning was going to be rushed for me to get out. I found on PB Fingers a recipe for overnight oats that was called “Peanut Butter Cookie” overnight oats. I normally hate oatmeal but have never actually eaten it cold, so I figured it was worth a shot. Although it looks very gross this was FANTASTIC. I’m so happy I like this meal, it is ready in the morning and extremely filling. I was actually only able to eat half, but could save the rest for almost dessert it was so good.
What are some ways you get back into the swing of things after being away?
My tried and true method is to not have stuff in the house that is bad for me to eat. That way it is a conscience decision if I actually get the food or not. 

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