Monday Routine

New Favorite Toy! Dyson Animal DC41

Monday is cleaning day. When I first started my job at Anheuser-Busch the hours were totally different from my old company and I fell behind on a lot of my cleaning and laundry. To fix that I hired someone to come in once every other week to clean my apartment. Fast forward to about five months later, it was always great to come home Monday night and see the apartment clean, but I’m a very picky person and it wasn’t done to the exact way I wanted, so I always found myself fixing something or touching something up. In the end I just decided I needed to make cleaning my apartment a scheduled task and just put it into my routine, so now instead of coming home to a clean house every other Monday I skip the gym and go home and do laundry and clean. In the same amount of time it takes me to workout at the gym I can clean and do the laundry. So after work last night I headed home, threw a load of laundry in and started to clean the apartment. About a month ago I bought the Dyson vacuum for pets and I cannot rave about this thing enough. It makes me actually want to clean because I can see how much dirt and hair I’m picking up, in a few months it will have already cost less than a cleaning lady and in my opinion works a lot better.
I can help fold mama! 
Before whisking
After cleaning I made a quick dressing. All I do is a few dashes of olive oil, some garlic, salt, mustard and then some white wine vinegar. This is a quick vinaigrette and in my opinion is fantastic, I like more of a vinegar taste so instead of more olive oil like traditional recipes call for I use more vinegar but it is really all in your taste. Sometimes I don’t have garlic or want to switch it up so I’ll substitute shallots, red onion or scallion minced up in there as well. The original recipe is for a single serving is:
·         2TB Olive Oil
·         1TB White Wine Vinegar
·         1Tsp Salt
·         1Tsp Dijon Mustard
·         2Tsp Shallots
All you need to do is whisk all the ingredients together and then let them sit while you are chopping your other vegetables then toss everything together. Again, this can be altered a lot and still be good, as you see I ran out of Dijon Mustard so I just used some yellow mustard, still good in my opinion, just find what suits your taste buds. I paired this salad with some left over Japanese style fried rice for a more complete meal. Super easy and very tasty.
Love the broccoli in Japanese style fried rice
Do you alter recipes a lot or are you by the book?
          I’m more of an alter kind of person. Sometimes I’ll make it following the exact directions so I can know what the base tastes like but I often find myself switching up things to fit a flavor profile I know I’ll like more. 

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