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Weekend Review

I can’t believe the weekend is already over! I feel like it was just Friday night and I was getting out of work. I apologize for this posts lack of pictures, I’m still trying to get use to taking pictures of what I’m doing. Friday nights big entertainment was getting sushi and hanging out with my little guy. 

I’m too cool to snuggle
See I have my own box

Hey it’s comfortable up here
Ok I’m ready for bed time

Saturday was a jammed packed day, I made all my hair nails and facial appointments that day to have a total “spa” day. I don’t think I’ll do that again though because by the time my nail appointment was there I just wanted to go to bed. I started off the morning with a 9am spin class. Now for some of you that isn’t very early but for me I had to set my alarm to get up on time. Spin class was taught by my favorite instructor Danielle, she is so high energy and has the best music, when Jay-Z and Kanye’s song H.A.M. came on I knew it was going to be a good class. From the gym I stopped on over to Trader Joes to get ingredients for a dip I was making for a dinner party with WHO and some other girlfriends, as well as ingredients to try these overnight oats, which I will be making tonight. Back at home I made the goat cheese with fig, onion and garlic dip and sliced up a baguette to just grab for the party on the way out (I got no pictures of the dip because I’m a dip but it was fantastic!! When I make it again I’ll be sure to put some pictures and the recipe up), quickly showered then headed off to my facial appointment. 
I have been going to Kashmira at Dellaria Day Spa in Newton, MA for over four years now and she is simply my favorite. She is so calming and relaxing and talks to me about nutrition and ways to make my body and skin better. She is responsible for making almost all my acne disappear and that is a huge task since I had been going to dermatologists for over 15 years and they hadn’t figured out a way. She did it with nutrition tips and natural remedies, which makes me rethink my whole mentality on “medicine” curing all. She is also a fantastic waxer, to the point that less than an hour after I leave you can’t even tell I had my eyebrows done. The facial was so relaxing and made my skin feel so soft, I could have fallen asleep while she was doing it if we weren’t talking about ways to make my favorite Indian dish (which I will not be making as her “simple” recipe sounded almost impossible). Back at home I had to quickly clean up my kitchen, grab everything for the dinner party and head out to my hair appointment. Vincent at Salon Acote in Boston, MA has been doing my hair since I was 19, I’ve had two other people cut it in that time and both have done and good job but not a Vincent job. I don’t even need to tell him what I need done I just sit down and he cuts. It is a very high energy salon that serves wine, cappuccino, and has tons of goodies and fruit to eat. I just grabbed some water and a red apple though since I knew I was going to be splurging for dinner later. After the hair cut I went down the street to get my nails done with a Groupon I had purchased.
I hardly ever get my nails done since they chip about 25 minutes later, so I cannot justify not doing them myself. Shellac on the other had works fantastic but is normally a little expensive for me to go and get it done, so every time I see a Groupon for a shellac I purchase it. The nail salon was in a quiet space on the second floor of a Newbury Street brownstone, it had classical music going and was completely empty since the afternoon rush was gone. I had someone giving me a pedicure while someone else was giving me a had massage. It was so relaxing with the massage chair going I could have fallen asleep at that point. I choose OPI Bubble Bath for a more natural look since it was such a nice day and I felt spring in the air. Peeling myself out of the warm massage chair I then headed over to WHO’s apartment for a fantastic night of games, food and drinks with friends. It really was a great way to top off the evening and I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.
Sunday I was up bright and early, even earlier than normal since it was Day Light Savings, and I headed off to Loon Mountain for a day of skiing. It was a perfect spring ski day with temperatures in the 50s on the mountain and the sun just shining down. I bought Kiehl’s All Terrain lotion for my face on Saturday to try and it really works fantastically, I had zero wind burn and it protected me the whole day against the sun. By the time I got home I was beat so I ordered in some sushi and hung out with my friend Matt while watching The Walking Dead, sadly I hardly made it through the show as I passed out from a packed weekend on him before it ended. Luckily he is a really nice guy and let me sleep! 

It was a fantastic weekend, hopefully next one won’t be so packed though! 

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